13 Real-Life Stories That Resemble Creepy Nightmares

4 weeks ago

We are all used to relying on common sense and logic. But sometimes there are events that cannot be explained logically. These things scare us to death because there may be something supernatural involved.

  • When we got home from school, mom realized she had left her keys inside the house, so she knocked on the door for my grandma to let us in. We lived on the 8th floor. We knock and my grandma yells from the inside, “I’m coming!” so we wait... 5 minutes goes by. We knock and knock, and she keeps saying the same thing. Finally, the elevator opens behind us and outcomes my grandma. The apartment had been empty the entire time. © SunnyBunnyBunBun / Reddit
  • My parents went to South Carolina for a wedding. They stayed at an old bed and breakfast spot. Mom suddenly woke up, she had her cellphone on her nightstand and there was a notification on the phone, so it was blinking. She saw a “ghost” dressed in a formal dress, and it was fixated on the cellphone’s blinking light, and was walking toward it. My mom said, “It’s ok, it’s just a phone.” The ghost turned and made eye contact with my mom, then disappeared. © Kozlow / Reddit
  • When I was a baby, my mom and grandma heard someone say hi to me from the baby monitor. They both rushed upstairs to see nothing there, and we think it was my grandpa, who had passed away before I was born, saying hi to me. © 99-Savage / Reddit
  • While visiting the Whaley House, a famous allegedly haunted house in San Diego, CA, I heard piano music clanging away in a downstairs parlor or living room. No living person was in that room, and nobody else in my group heard the music, which lasted only a couple of seconds. © invisiblette / Reddit
  • When I was 2-4, I would tell my mom I didn’t want to go upstairs because the little boy scared me. Turns out, the first night in that house, my mom was alone painting, heard something, and saw a little boy walking down those stairs. © dietsaddad / Reddit
  • The day my uncle passed away, I went to bed early. I dreamed about him saying goodbye to me. When I woke up, I walked into the living room. My mother was crying. She said, “Your uncle Frank passed away moments ago.” © a2625 / Reddit
  • My brother was dancing and talking to no one who was there in the living room. At the end, he said, “Thank you, grandma...” She had died many years prior, and the day this happened would have been her birthday if she were alive. © BigMemerMaan1 / Reddit
  • When I was 9, I stayed up for about 3 days because it was summer break, and my grandma was at my house. She passed away in her sleep, so we called the police, and they took her. I couldn’t sleep that night. Then, I went to the mirror, looked at myself, and saw her instead. © Left-Tutor9890 / Reddit
  • When I was around 3 years old, my grandma told me about my dead uncle and even showed me some photos of him. He had passed away 4 years before I was born, but I remember vividly seeing him in the corner of my house, staring at me and gesturing with his hand. I recall telling my grandma about it, and she was terrified. © Nastiunich / Reddit
  • Right before my husband died many years ago, I heard a disembodied voice from about 15 feet away say, “Take a good look at him. It’s the last time you’ll ever see him alive.” It was... I can still hear the sound of the voice. It sounded female. © G***illaYourDreams / Reddit
  • My living room has a huge mirror that reflects the passage doorway. I was around 11–12 years old when I was looking into it and brushing my hair for school. I was just about to tie it up when I saw a white figure walk past my door. I knew it was my grandmother and that she was just showing us that she’s still present. © EmmiDev / Reddit
  • Once, my dad told me that he went into the bathroom one night and reached for the light switch. He said there was what felt like an old person’s hand covering the switch. He pulled his hand away for a moment and then reached back to feel again, and it was gone. He turned the light on, and nothing was there. © Traditional_Self_658 / Reddit
  • My 3 y.o. was strapped in his car seat and suddenly started saying, “Lock doors, lock doors!” I pressed the button to keep him happy, and just a few seconds later a guy came from behind the car and tried to open the doors and get in. Ours were locked, but he went to the car in front and opened theirs and started punching the driver. The lights had just changed so that driver tore off, and I followed him, leaving the guy stumbling across the road. My son was tightly belted in to a chunky car seat, there’s no way he could have seen behind us, and he was in the back so couldn’t see the side mirrors either. © anomalous_cowherd / Reddit

If you like to tickle your nerves, here’s another collection of creepy stories that will give you goosebumps.

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