15 Pics Showing How Kids Don’t Need Much to Be Happy

2 years ago

Kids don’t worry about the future or regret their past actions. They simply live in the moment, and that’s why they manage to stay happy and positive at all times. Most things around them are new and they get excited easily. Maybe that’s why they look so extremely joyful even with the most simple, everyday things.

Now I’ve Seen Everything thinks it would be great if adults could feel happy with the smallest things the same way kids are.

1. “My daughter falling asleep on my head in the rain at Disneyland”

2. “My special needs daughter’s face when she met Cinderella!”

3. “My daughter and I discovered there are just enough blocks in her new Lego set to reach the ceiling.”

4. “My son enjoying his Christmas pictures”

5. “Just found this old picture of me as a kid and everything about it is perfect.”

6. “My kid is ready for the Met Gala...”

7. “When you’re working from home and your daughter tells you she wants to build a robot...you build a robot!”

8. “My daughter grew her own sunflower and is very proud, just like I am of her.”

9. “Take Your Child to Work Day”

10. “My son wanted to be ’Bob Zombie’ for Halloween. I obliged.”

11. “Took my daughter to work. She found this mask in a prop drawer. Not much work was done that day.”

12. “My daughter using our beagle as a leg rest”

13. “I promised my daughter a chocolate cake if she used the potty all by herself. I had to pay up.”

14. “My 2-year-old just ’delivered’ half his toys and books to ’Father Christmas who lives in the toilet.’”

15. “Just want to share the bond my daughter and our (her) dog share. You’ll never find one without the other.”

What’s the most amusing picture and memory you have from your childhood that may not seem special to others but it is to you?

Preview photo credit geewhizitslis07 / reddit


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