A Husband Abandoned His Wife at the Airport and, Surprisingly, He Was Right to Do So

8 months ago

Being habitually late for certain things is a very annoying attribute that many people have. They just can’t manage time and seem to be doing everything slower than everyone else. At least that is the case, with this story we stumbled upon. While this woman isn’t usually late for things like her job, she seems to be having issues when it comes to travelling.

A Redditor asked people if he did right by abandoning his wife at the airport.

It is estimated that between 2%-8% of travelers miss their flight and have to reschedule. One of the main reasons for that is that they forget something important at home and have to rush back in order to get it. However, waking up too late and long TSA lines are two additional reasons. And there is no other excuse for these two than that the person involved just didn’t manage their time properly.

This is pretty much what happened in this man’s case, where his wife didn’t wake up early enough in the first occasion and miscalculated her available time in the second occasion. And as it looks, she has trouble understanding how problematic her behavior is and how it affects two of the closest people around her.

Let’s see what Reddit had to say about this event.

  • I stopped being the caretaker for my partner after the first time we missed a flight. Told him nope, never again. Next two flights he missed and man he complained. Explained again he’s an adult and has choices to make. The third time he missed a 10-day cruise. He’s never been late again. He’s angry about it but listens to me and gets up and ready and out the door on time. @Over-Marionberry-686
  • I have a friend who planned a trip to Spain with her husband for a year. She took care of everything. All he had to do was make sure his passport wasn’t expired. The night before they left, he finally checks his passport. Expired. His daughter got a surprise 10-day trip to Spain. His wife said she got home and the suitcase she packed for him had been pushed to her side of the bed. @FattyTheNunchuck
  • She is causing you tremendous stress and she doesn’t care at all. That is telling. So what if you have to wait a few minutes at the gate. That’s the least she can do to not cause you to very reasonably stress out. She owes you a big apology for all the lack of consideration. @mmm1441
  • My mom would be late, then start yelling at everyone, and turning whatever event we were on our way to, unpleasant and stressful. I found it so embarrassing and aggravating. You nailed it, when someone cares they make every effort to be where they are expected to be, especially if it is for someone else. @Ok-Duck9106

It’s very difficult to have to deal with someone’s lateness and there might not even be a magical way to fix this for them. But, we decided to share a few tips that might be useful for you:

  • Tell them an earlier time: one classic way to solve lateness is by telling the other person that they need to be somewhere earlier than they have to. Obviously, this trick can’t be done all the time, since they will realize it at some point and start questioning you.
  • Don’t involve them in your plans: if you are planning a birthday party for example, don’t ask them to bring something important since their lateness might prove disastrous. Just tell them where to come and don’t put any big responsibilities on their lap.
  • Voice your concerns: sometimes yelling isn’t solving anything and those who are late don’t understand how annoying it is. Talk to them and say how their behavior is affecting you personally. Ask them if they can improve their lateness.
  • Don’t wait for them forever: you can set a time limit for yourself and if they haven’t arrived in that time frame, you can just leave. Let them know about this time limit so they are aware of it and won’t be surprised if they don’t find you there at a later time.
  • Enforce clear consequences: if someone is always late to your dates, you can just stop going at certain events with them. Things like concerts, movies and theatre that have a very specific starting time can be a no-go with them.

There are many reasons to get angry and receiving a bad service is a definite one. There are also so many unfortunate accidents that can happen and completely enrage you.

Preview photo credit anguy1284 / Reddit


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