15+ Pictures That You Have to Look at Twice to Get What’s Going On

2 years ago

There are pictures that we can observe for a long time either because they arouse our curiosity or because they’re great works of art. However, this is not the case. We spend quite a while looking at these images since their strangeness makes them stand out. How did that arm go through the middle of a cat? And is that a horse with 2 heads?

In Now I’ve Seen Everything, we discuss these photographs, as they could be part of a museum of strange things. Will they also play with your eyesight or do you think you’ll be able to figure out what’s really going on right away?

1. “Took a picture of my garden and accidentally turned the concrete wall into a lake.”

2. “My sister’s hand passing through my cat’s body”

3. “Headless penguin”

4. “A ginormous dog bed in the back yard???”

5. “As I leave my office at night, the full-length painting next to my door reflects in the window of the office across the way and startles me. Every. Time.”

6. “You can’t swim here.”

7. “She’s got ’leg’...and she knows how to use it!”

8. “This double-mouthed horse I met”

9. “Just another selfie with a floating top...”

10. “This buff dog-man”

11. “A giant parrot attacking horses”

12. “Some very big cats”

13. “Have you ever tried to look at your hand with fingers aligned behind the thumb?”

14. “This man looks Photoshopped, is he?”

15. “Walking a headless dog”

16. “Too many hands”

17. “Floating donkey head”

18. “Weird llama”

19. “Dog on a beach”

Have you ever taken a picture that’s just as surprising? Share it with us and maybe we can include it in an upcoming compilation.


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