15 Prime Examples of How Friendship Knows no Boundaries

2 years ago

Families share unbreakable bonds. Even if their members aren’t connected by blood (or belong to a different species), unconditional love is what really matters. A dog that looks after little ducklings or a bunny that seeks refuge in a cat when it’s scared are some examples of this.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to offer you a daily dose of warm cuddles with these photos.

1. “My friend’s golden retriever has taken quite a shine to his feathered siblings.”

2. “He loves his new baby sister. Such a good boy.”

3. “Brought into an animal shelter as a sick kitten, Rademenes now serves as the unofficial cat nurse, comforting and supporting sick animals during recovery.”

4. “We adopted a stray kitten a few days ago and my girl Kona has loved playing momma.”

5. “Forever thankful to the 2 families who thought this Doberman was too much to handle.”

6. “They’re both moms and had litters at the same time. They’ve been taking turns feeding the babies.”

7. “Big spoon, little spoon!”

8. “My girlfriend is in bed sick and our cat wanted to make sure she was ok.”

9. “My cat and dog sharing the sun spot in my room.”

10. “Boomer spent 2 whole days away from his big brother. I guess you can tell he missed him.”

11. “Dad, do you want a sock and a hug?”

12. “My dog decided to adopt an abandoned baby raccoon.”

13. “My cousin just adopted this bunny and it’s afraid of him. So, the bunny sprung to the cat for protection.”

14. “Cleanly cuddly pillowcat”

15. “This big brother helps his baby sister use the doggie door. He stands there and lets the baby go through his legs!”

Who do you consider family even though you’re not blood-related? Tell us why they’re so special to you in our comment section. We love a good tear-jerker!

Preview photo credit TechnoGlobeTrotter / Reddit


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