20 Impressive Hair Transformations That Will Convince You to Get a Haircut Too

2 years ago

One way of keeping our look from being monotonous or boring is to shake things up with a new hairstyle. Whether it’s a simple trim or a drastic change in cut and color, experimenting with our strands can lead to great results and make us feel like completely new individuals.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up 20 women who proved that changing our hairstyle can do wonders for our appearance.

1. “I’ve become fluffy.”

2. “It’s been many, many years since I’ve had bangs.”

3. “After dyeing my hair red for 10+ years, I decided it was time for a change.”

4. “Got the shortest haircut of my life. I donated my hair to a charity that makes wigs for children.”

5. “I’m back to short hair.”

6. “I took some advice and left some out. Here’s the final result.”

7. “I wanted to dye my hair ginger, so I did! It turned out more orange than I wanted but I still like it.”

8. “For over 7 years, I had long hair. But I definitely like my new haircut better — it’s wavy and dries faster.”

9. “I was afraid that my face was too round for a short haircut. Thanks for encouraging me to do this.”

10. “I’m so glad I listened to you and cut my bangs.”

11. “I was a little nervous when I decided to cut my hair so short. But then I realized that if I didn’t like it, I would grow it back in a couple of years.”

12. “Thanks to everyone who advised me to choose dyeing my hair instead of highlights.”

13. “I got my hair cut and I feel amazing right now!”

14. “I have a problem — now I’m obsessed with myself.”

15. “Took the plunge and got bangs. Any styling tips?”

16. “I swear I can smile (just kidding). My experiment with dyeing my hair.”

17. “I cut and bleached my hair, and then dyed it pink. Did I go too far?”

18. “After receiving your advice, I got bangs. Not the best job, but c’est la vie.”

19. “I impulsively chopped my hair off at home. Should I go even shorter?”

20. “Cut 12 inches off! A student of mine said I now look like a 13-year-old.”

Which makeover did you like the most? Have you ever chosen a hairstyle following someone else’s advice?

Preview photo credit Alternative_Isopod60 / Reddit


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