15+ Things That Caught Us Off-guard

year ago

Some people love surprises, others hate them. Scientists say it all stems from how our brains are wired: one way to react to novelty is with curiosity; such people feel positive emotions. The other option is fear, which, of course, is unpleasant. But whether we enjoy unexpected events or not, they are a part of our lives. Let’s look at some things that caught today’s heroes off-guard.

1. “My new bra has hands built inside the cups.”

2. “Tongue-tied: Somehow, while brushing my hair, I tied a knot around one of my taste buds.”

3. “Uncentered pupils”

4. “This tree branch is zig-zagging.”

5. An unusual reason to be late for work.

6. “My new kitty appears to have some extra toes.”

7. “Does anyone know why my finger is like this? My other one looks the same. I’ve never broken them.”

8. “Gas bubbles in my eye”

9. “My kitten hasn’t lost his baby teeth so now he has 2 fangs.”

10. “A black bear came on my porch and ate the peanuts I threw for the chipmunks.”

11. “This watermelon exploded while trying to cut it open and left this half had this tongue you could wiggle around.”

12. “My dog has a heart-shaped nose.”

13. “My arm after about an hour of sanding”

14. “I found a cluster of fish eggs on the shore.”

15. “This twisted carrot”

16. “Anyone else have a ‘geographic’ tongue?”


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