“She Can Deceive Herself but Not the Public,” People Are Hotly Debating How Vera Wang’s Instagram Photos Differ From Reality

3 weeks ago

Vera Wang continues to shine on red carpets, and people admire how she looks at nearly 75 years old. However, some have started to notice that the photos on the designer’s Instagram differ from those taken by photographers at events.

NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News

Attending the 2024 Fragrance Foundation Awards on Wednesday, Wang opted for a vibrant neon green dress, complete with a feathered skirt and a plunging neckline.

To complement the look, she added a black bandeau top underneath, maintaining simplicity in the rest of her ensemble. For accessories, she ditched elaborate jewels and opted for a basic black bracelet. At one point, she even donned oversized sunglasses.

CJ Rivera/Invision/East News

Fans of the bridal icon flooded her with compliments online, commenting on her youthful and fresh appearance. One person noted, ’’You really are your own best model. WOW!’’ Another admirer wrote, ’’Stunning dress...you look fabulous!’’ Someone else added, ’’You are aging backward.’’

Someone please help her!! She looks unhealthy and Needs some nutrition "Nourishment" Even the look on her face is screaming HELP ME!! She doesn't look happy or like she is feeling very well and It makes me worry for this woman And I am sorry to speak what I see about this woman because I can't help but say it how I see it. Sorry I don't mean to offend anyone but I gotta speak truths


Vera Wang is an active social media user, often delighting fans with her photos. Recently, prior to this appearance, Vera posted photos in a bikini by the pool on her Instagram, which caused a sensation. However, this sparked a discussion about how Vera Wang’s Instagram photos always differ from those taken by photographers on red carpets. Here’s what people were writing:

  • Photoshop can do wonders. She still looks great for her age — but compared to her recent red carpet photos there’s been a bit of smoothing tool here.
  • Make-up and Photoshop can do wonders. I’ve seen candid pictures of her and she looks like what a senior citizen should look like age spots, wrinkles and all. Kudos to the photographer for taking an excellent glamour shot.
  • Thanks to photoshop. She does look 73, despite whatever she may want the public to believe. She can deceive herself but not the public.

Another topic of discussion has been Vera Wang’s figure. While some admire her shape, others worry that she is too thin.

Preview photo credit verawang / Instagram, CJ Rivera/Invision/East News


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