15 Times Restaurants Left Their Customers Speechless with Their Food Surprises

10 months ago

Cooking is an art. We don’t always have enough skills and knowledge to prepare a gastronomic masterpiece on our own. However, today this is not a problem, because you can go to a restaurant for new impressions. But sometimes the trick is not the dish itself, but its presentation. The main thing, of course, is not to overdo it.

“A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant.”

“Whatever this is. Local Chinese bbq meat served on a barbie.”

"Got sandy feet as a dessert.

“I have a sinking feeling about this quesadilla.”

“The sushi place we went to served us on a skateboard.”

A 3-Michelin star restaurant serves table crackers on rocks.

“The sauce was dripping from the holes.”

“A friend ordered tiramisu. Why sugar the lid?”

“I remembered how we were served a pork sandwich in Spain.”

“I was served a drink. Yes, these are actual worms.”

“My friend was craving nachos and they came in a dog bowl...”

“At a 2 Michelin-star restaurant.”

This meal in some burnt cabbage.

“Whoever designed this Soup Bowl has never eaten soup before.”

“The first drink came in a soup bowl. With a spoon. Second — in a little bathtub. I think they ran out of glasses.”

We all time to time go out to a restaurant or cafe. To celebrate an important date, to hang out with friends. However, sometimes what the waiter brings is not the ordinary food you were expected to see, but a surprise, that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit No-Equipment5695 / Reddit


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