18 Meals That Are a True Feast for the Eyes

2 years ago

Delicious food is much more than how it tastes. Before we take the first bite, we actually savor the dish with our eyes. And experienced chefs know that creative plating techniques and bright colors on your plate can make the food even more appetizing.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are true foodies, and we gathered the most mouth-watering pictures that will satisfy your eyes and your taste buds.

1. “Here’s how Michelin-starred sardines are served.”

2. “Chocolate and caramel dessert”

3. “Mango tart”

4. Baozi — steamed Chinese pie

5. “A very impressive dish. There are a total of 15 ingredients that go into it. Looks very unassuming yet brings out flavors that I didn’t think were possible with a ’salad’ plate.”

6. “Best dessert I’ve ever had”

7. Scallops and cauliflower

8. “The flagship dessert of 3-star Michelin restaurant Pic in Valence, France”

9. “One of the best dishes of the night. The sweet Tamago intertwines with the umami from the rockfish and the caviar.”

10. “It felt like getting assaulted in the face with a gazillion different flavors of strawberry.”

11. “This was awesome. A gooey lemon candy outside, with a sorbet inside.”

12. “Oyster, a crispy rice thing with some seafood on top, and a foie gras pie piece”

13. Chocolate dessert

14. White chocolate coated sweet potato and matcha crumble

15. Mackerel with various sauces

16. This dessert cost more than a plane ticket, but it was so delicious. There is an orange sorbet and white chocolate.

17. “This may be one of the most Instagrammable desserts of all time.”

18. “This restaurant puts a mesh net over your lemon, so when you squeeze it, no seeds get in your food.”

Have you tried any unusual dishes? Maybe you have photos of them?

Preview photo credit YourLocalRailfan / Reddit


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