15 Women Who Ditched Their Razors and Embraced Body Hair

7 months ago

For many decades, women have been diligently fighting body and facial hair because it was believed that women shouldn’t have “excess” hair. However, times have changed, and there’s no need to be ashamed of being natural. Many women choose not to shave their body and facial hair, and we applaud their courage and self-love.

“I have hirsutism and stopped shaving in 2020 and it was the best decision ever!”

“Body female hair is normal ”

“You’ll find it easier to feel comfortable with your hair by making small actions little by little every day...it’s a journey.”

“We are nature!”

Sofia doesn’t let a razor touch her skin.

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, has always embraced her body hair.

“We have razor-free legs and armpits, but what about razor-free faces and chests? Trying to embrace my hirsutism.”

“The summer is now coming, and it is even more important to emphasize how rocking hair or no hair is a mere choice.”

“I don’t think I own a razor.”

Frida Kahlo in the 1930s

Julia Michaels at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

“After running pictures!”

Amandla Stenberg wears a sleeveless black gown and doesn’t care about shaving or removing the hair under their arms.

“Feeling my happiest when I’m doing what I want with my body!”

“Natural light, natural body.”

This is not the only beauty standard that is finally becoming a thing of the past. Let’s also bid farewell without regret to other outdated standards as we embrace a more diverse and inclusive definition of beauty.


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