15+ Women Who Seem to Have Guessed the Secret of Staying Young Forever

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There are some people who seem to have access to the elixir of youth. And we don’t mean the fillers or some other expensive cosmetic procedures. Some women look decades younger completely on their own. Such lucky ones can shock those around them just by showing them their ID.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some photos of the forever-young girls.

“I’m 36. How old do I look?”

“I’m 47. Is it too old for braids and overalls?”

“Living my best life, 50 and fabulous!”

“I’m 42.”

“Just turned 40! Working on myself lately.”

“Would you guess my age? I’m 42.”

“I’m 52! Can I still pass as 40?”

“I turned 40 today. 7 years since my divorce. Going on the first date in almost 2 years.”

“I’m 42 and still like to dress up.”

“I am 50 years old.”

“I turned 36 this week.”

“Just a mom of two in her 40s, trying to keep up with all the 20-somethings here”

“I’m 51 now.”

“I’m 38!”

“I’m 46 and am a fan of Star Wars.”

“Not bad for 46, huh?”

“I am 42 and still need some love in the form of compliments.”

“16 to 38 (subtract 200 pounds and add hair and confidence)”

Please show your photos where it’s hard to guess your true age. We will try our best to guess it.


They all look their age, they're just fishing for compliments when there's no need.

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