17 Times When Online Shopping Went Terribly Wrong

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Buying things online seems easy. But in reality, you have to carefully check all of the details and spend some time reading the reviews. Otherwise, you might end up getting something very different from that perfect picture on the website. The 17 people featured in this article probably regret shopping online, but at least they got hilarious pictures to laugh at.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know there’s a downside to online shopping, and the pictures we chose for this compilation prove it.

1. “This is fine. I’m fine.”

2. “Totally not what you expect or even see.”

3. “Ordered a pair of shoes online, they took a while to get delivered. When they arrived I was so excited to try them on, and then realized they were both for my left foot.”

4. “Someone saved money on cream.”

5. “What I wanted to receive and what I got.”

6. “I was really looking forward to this shirt.”

7. “AliExpress is amazing.”

8. “It lacks any visible coconut flakes.”

9. “What my dad ordered vs what he got in the mail.”

10. “My ’full-sized’ Mjolnir arrived. I’m still happy and I refused to let my moment be ruined.”

11. “Found a cheap kitchen scale — I feel like something is missing.”

12. “What I bought from AliExpress vs what I got.”

13. “Ordered a sink rack for $30 (sale price). Came in today... Fits a whole bar of soap if you can believe it!”

14. “Maybe I just need to water it and it’ll grow...”

15. “It looks like it’s come from the someone’s tortured bowels.”

16. “I ordered 10m of wallpaper online and received ten 1m rolls.”

17. “My brother was very excited because he ordered a new Where’s Wally book online, until it came in the mail today as big as a packet of Oreos.”

How often do you buy things online? Have you ever been disappointed with what you got? Share your stories in the comment section below!


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