20 People Whose Past Gifted Them With a Belly Full of Laughs

2 years ago

Going through awkward phases is exactly what our younger years are all about. Usually people are ashamed of things they’ve done or how they looked growing up but not some folks on Reddit. They proudly take to social media to show just how hysterical looking back on old photos can be.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some pics of people’s blunders and now invites you to have a good time checking them out!

1. “My girlfriend’s childhood family picture. She was really excited about being a rat in The Nutcracker.”

2. “Left is the poster for a new kids movie about a boy named Buster. Right is me at 13. I’m a girl.”

3. “My first day of school, 1992”

4. “My mom just wanted a nice picture in Paris.”

5. “My brother got to have a cool military costume for Halloween. I was stuck as Donald Duck.”

6. “Apparently this was the best photo they could get for my first Christmas.”

7. “I think I’m finally emotionally ready to share this pic with the world.”

8. “I was really into American Girl dolls and begged my mom to let me do a cover shoot at the store.”

9. “I recently found this picture of me as a kid and I honestly am still not sure if it’s a blunder or the best picture ever.”

10. “1993 senior pic — I wore those boots to high school the entire year. Iowa winter and all.”

11. “My best friend and I in middle school at the height of Twilight fame. I don’t even have words.”

12. “Late ’70s. No idea what I was thinking. Made the suit myself...”

13. “I was only 16 in this pic & I just can’t get over how 45 I look.”

14. “My mom insisted I show off my braces. I think she was hoping for better results.”

15. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

16. “I was a cute little girl, except for the fact that I’m a guy.”

17. “When we thought we totally nailed our Halloween group costume back in ’98.”

18. “I had embraced my nerdy outcast status and went to school like this.”

19. “Apparently I didn’t know how to smile in first grade.”

20. “13 years old in the late ‘80s. Ready for my job in middle management.”

What’s the strangest or coolest photo you have in your dusty photo album? Share the best one with us — and challenge your friends to join!


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