16 Creepy Kid Stories That Will Make Your Blood Freeze

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Kids are known for their wild imagination, which means that they often create stories in their head that aren’t based in reality. They are also exceptional at lying, but not because they want to deceive others, but because they actually believe their made-up stories. They might also lie in order to see what will happen and how their parents and other adults will react. The results are sometimes terrifying.

  • A kid I babysat once asked me to play in the basement and when we were down there playing he said “When they put you in a box and nobody can hear you. Nobody can hear you down here either.” Then he bit me. The Sassiest Semite / Twitter
  • My 5-year-old son told me he was going to marry Juliana. I didn’t know anyone with that name. I looked around the school, the neighborhood, even among his cousins, but I couldn’t find anyone with that name. One day I asked him: “Son, where does Juliana live?” and he answered that she had not been born yet. Lu Macedo / Facebook
  • My 4-year-old son says all the time that he used to live in France. One day, we were watching TV, when a picture of the Louvre Museum appeared, which he doesn’t even know. And he said: “Look mom, it’s the Louvre, in France, I was there!” Daniela Gimenez / Facebook
  • When my niece was 7, she asked us why we were keeping all the dead grandmas in the attic. Then she laughed. Mean Fat Girl / Twitter
  • The neighbor’s son, who was about 5 years old, came to play at my house one day. He was sitting on the bed in my room looking up at the ceiling and said, “Your house isn’t pretty, but I like it because I lived here before.” Maura Stella Albertin / Facebook
  • My daughter plays hide and seek with her grandfather. Nothing too special so far, I even help her look for him in some places. The thing is, she never knew her grandparents. Fran Soares / Facebook
  • Every night until the age of 9, my daughter used to wake up, touch my arm and go back to bed. One day I asked her why. She said: “I want to make sure you’re alright. My first mommy died in a car accident”. Nita Wilkins / Facebook
  • My mom asked my 3-year-old brother where he wanted to have his birthday party. He replied, “Nowhere, my party will be in heaven.” It was the most agonizing month of my mother’s life. My brother is now 22 years old. Who knows where he got that from. Leticia Imperador / Facebook
  • My nephew used to have someone that he talked to when he was a baby. A couple years later, his mom showed him a photo of his grandad and he said that he was the friend he used to talk to. Allie Foster / Facebook
  • My mother was pregnant, but no one knew it, not even her. So I went up to her and said, “Mom, it’s a boy!” She asked me if I was going crazy, but soon afterward she found out that she was indeed pregnant. Juliane Dal Col / Facebook
  • One night my little sister woke up scared and went to my parents’ room to sleep with them. Before she went back to sleep, she used their bathroom, and when she came out she said “Why are there people in your bathroom mommy?” TheKrazyKrab23 / Reddit
  • My 3-year-old son told his pediatrician that he was also a doctor, but that he took care of the elderly. He even asked me to confirm it, since according to him, I was there, next to him when he did it. Janete Prestes / Facebook
  • Me, my mom and my niece were out shopping and my mom picked out a dress and my niece said “that would look nice if you wore it to a funeral”. On our way home from the store, my mom got a phone call that her cousin passed away and she wore that exact dress to the funeral. TheOnlyLocs / Twitter
  • My son, when he was 3, told me he had a cloud sister with black eyes and teeth but she was nice. Freaked me out. cpower79 / Reddit
  • My daughter (3) pointed at my breasts one afternoon and said “those are for milk.” I said they used to be when she was a baby but not anymore, and she said “no, they are again.” And then two days later found out I was pregnant. BreeanaFlannery / Twitter
  • I once had a babysitter refuse to ever come to my house again after she heard my then-3 yr old chatting with “the man who lives in the attic” Years later, same house, an Uber driver picks me up & says he used to live in our house. Then he asks me “Does that ghost still live here”? TheMaryFox / Twitter
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