16 People Show What It Really Takes to Create a Perfect Photo

year ago

Taking a photo isn’t as simple as pointing your camera at the desired object or person and pressing click. It’s about setting the scene with the right lighting, the right posture and the perfect environment. Everything that is visible to the camera has to be amazing, even if the picture behind the scenes is the complete opposite.

1. “Behind a great picture.”

2. How to take a flight without actually taking one.

3. “Makeup artist highlights what Facetune really can do.”

4. The only patch of sand on the beach

5. “Before and After taken about 30 seconds apart.”

6. A little pool and a tripod.

7. Not everyone can afford a selfie stick.

8. Is it even possible to take a good photo of the moon without using tricks?

9. “It’s not just bodies and faces that get tune-ups on Instagram.”

10. “The sun was coming out at the worse time so we kinda had to improvise. Otherwise it wasn’t possible to look at the camera at all.”

11. Photography magic once again.

12. “Instagram vs. Real- Life Motherhood.”

13. I wonder, does tall grass even exist?

14. If the weather doesn’t work out, a bottle of water can come to the rescue.

15. A great photo can be taken literally anywhere.

16. “Engagement ring photo taken ‘on’ an iPhone.”

Do you work that hard on taking photos for your social media? Do you think that people should be more honest about the lengths they go in order to achieve the perfect photo?

Preview photo credit savannah098 / Reddit


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