17 Times People Suddenly Realized They Were Out of Luck

2 years ago

Losing your keys when you’re in a hurry or getting eyeliner all over your face because you sneezed while applying it — sometimes it can feel as if the universe itself has turned against you. Moments like these teach us how to deal with life’s little mishaps, and most importantly, to do so with a sense of humor.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some photos of people who should probably steer clear of buying lottery tickets for now.

1. “Was woodworking a ring and checked the size. Now it isn’t coming off.”

2. “I know you’re not feeling well, let me move your car for you.” The next morning:

3. “Locked my door and ran outside my apt in a hurry, keys got caught inside.”

4. “I order: crystals from China. I receive: a sack of corn.”

5. “I was cruising about 50 mph, then the plastic snapped.”

6. “Bought this cat tower, but my cat doesn’t fit.”

7. “My eyeliner was ON POINT this morning. And then I sneezed.”

8. “The silent and powerful mocking of a single sign”

9. “Housemate’s dog got into my 6-hour butter chicken. No dinner for me tonight.”

10. “Having my bathroom remodeled, and they installed my shower lower than knee height.”

11. “Table shattered while I was lying in bed in another room. At least the vase survived.”

12. “Touched my hot glass stovetop with a microfiber towel. It won’t come off.”

13. “The painter painted over my doorbell and now it’s stuck.”

14. “Someone secured their bike through mine, making it impossible to take it out.”

15. “We just built a big 18×36-foot pergola over our back patio for extra shade.”

16. “My shopping bag broke at the top of the stairs, and the lettuce made a run for it.”

17. “I accidentally ripped out my eyelashes an hour before I got married.”

How do you react to the “surprises” life throws at you? What unfortunate thing happened to you that you’ll never forget?

Preview photo credit landofbizarre / Reddit


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