10+ Things Traditionally Used by Men That Women Would Be Happy to Borrow

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We’ve seen posts from several brave women who prefer to buy things like razors, deodorant, and even perfume from the men’s department. And it’s no surprise because the division between men’s and women’s teams is nothing but a convention. Manufacturers use unisex details in cosmetics, while modern fashion allows both men and women to wear the same things. At the same time, some of the options offered to men are way better than what women have to choose from.


  • I don’t like carrying purses, I need those pockets. What’s funny is that women tell me I look better in them and ask where they can find some. © The_Special_Teacher / Reddit
  • I went jean shopping with my boyfriend. I didn’t find anything that fit well, he found a few things. All my jeans were over $40. At the same store, all of his were $15-$30. Lucky me, he went to grab one without trying it on and it was wrongly marked. So we get home and he asked if I would have time to exchange it. We joked about it being a feminine size since it’s so small and I tried it on. They fit me PERFECTLY. It’s a boyfriend jean fit but the hips and butt fit like a glove. I hadn’t found any jeans in the women’s section but these $15 jeans at the same store fit me and are now mine! Stop shopping in women’s sections if you don’t want skinny jeans, the men’s section is wonderful and much less expensive! © winedrunkduck / Reddit


  • I use my husband’s razor (with a different cartridge, of course) and it’s amazing. And I don’t need a new one every 2 shaves. It’s lasted so long now. © kitohdzz / Reddit
  • Razors for men work perfectly and they are cheaper. I change the blade every 2 shaves and they work great for my legs. No razor burn. © thehabithopper / Reddit
  • Razors for men are usually sharper and give you a smoother shave because they are made for your face instead of your legs. Plus, they’re cheaper since there’s no pink tax. © PointDefiant / Reddit
  • Men’s shaving gel/cream is less expensive (and usually even comes in a bigger can). For example, an 11-oz Barbasol is $1.69, while 9.5 oz of Barbasol for women is $2.49. Men’s razors work better and last longer and are pretty comparable in price. © ke1bell / Reddit


  • Men’s deodorant/antiperspirant comes in bigger volumes and it costs less than the puny stick advertised for women. After my girlfriend took a stick from the twin pack I got for $7, she has not had to buy another stick for months. This has saved her a good amount of money. © CerealGuy_69 / Reddit
  • My boyfriend and I also share (his) deodorant. I feel like they also work better, and the smell is good. It’s often very minty/fresh and conceals the smell of sweat better than deodorants smelling of honey/flowers, etc. © Lykkel1ten / Reddit

Barber shops

  • Ladies with short hair, go to a barber. Barbers are extremely nice and you don’t have to be a male to get your hair cut there. Just call ahead to double-check since it may vary. When I’ve gone to multiple barbers, they have been very friendly and welcoming.© doxie_mama17 / Reddit

Tie-racks can easily be turned into bra racks!

Outerwear and blazers

  • Men’s outerwear has a lot more handy functional details, more pockets, and nicer details than the women’s versions. © coffee_for_dinner / Reddit
  • I was shopping for a winter coat and I tried on every single coat in the women’s section. They were cute and probably warm, but there were only 2 small hand warmer pockets that I could barely put my hands into, let alone hold gloves or my hat. Went to the men’s section...tons of pockets and better quality. © emgoog4 / Reddit


  • Women get more choices, but men often get better quality! My boyfriend got some pajama bottoms for Christmas and gave them to me because they were winter-weight ones and he’s a human radiator. They are AMAZING. Way thicker. Softer. Long enough. Don’t shrink. Big pockets. And they were so cheap! I’m never going back to women’s PJs. © harlar / Reddit
  • Men’s pajamas are totally the coziest. I still have a pair of tattered Christmas ones somewhere I stole from an ex that I only wear when I’m sick because they have great giant pockets for filling with snacks. © Meow_-_Meow / Reddit


  • I wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue every day. I’ve had both men and women comment on how good I smell but no one has ever commented on it being a cologne. It’s my favorite scent and I’m not going to let society tell me how a woman should smell. © ashe_vern / Reddit
  • CK Air for men is my current fave. I hate female scents because they tend to smell very sweet
    © knimnig / Reddit
  • My favorite perfume ever is Victor & Rolf Spicebomb. It even comes in this very masculine bottle shaped like a grenade. But it smells heavenly and nobody has ever said I smell like a dude. © babardook / Reddit


  • Back in the day, when one store in Canada was selling white T-shirts for women that were noticeably sheerer than the men’s. The material itself was thinner and that was for a garment that was supposed to be equivalent (oh, and they charged more for the same garments for women, which ended up in a scandal). They lost their business eventually. © Deleted / Reddit
  • I’ve stolen/been given a few T-shirts from my husband and they are of better quality. So much so that I think I might shop for men’s clothes a little. © Geetuss / Reddit

A tool box instead of a cosmetic bag


  • Women’s wallets have zippers and cute little bits of flair that make them hard to use, while men’s wallets are beautiful functional tools. Personally, I think wallets don’t have a gender, but I’ve technically been carrying a men’s wallet for most of my adult life. © poopoopmagoo / Reddit


  • Last year for Christmas, my MIL got my husband some sweatpants that were so thick and heavy and I was so jealous, so I went out searching for something comparable for me. I found literally nothing for women that was the same — everything was either very thin or moderately thin, often with no pockets. So I finally realized I should just buy men’s sweatpants. © Ginger_ish / Reddit

The author of this article uses the same razors as her boyfriend. Moreover, shaving cream for men has a nice lemon-like smell. What items designed for men do you buy? Please share your comments on our site. We’ll be glad to read them and create a new article.


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