16 People Who Are Living Magnets That Attract Bizarre Sights

year ago

Some people could save a fortune, because they don’t need to spend money on amusement arcades and shows. The universe is so kind to them that it throws a show just during someone’s ordinary day. In today’s article, we’d love to prove that it’s easy to spot some outstanding things in seemingly ordinary places, and here’re 16 examples proving that this is true.

1. “My son was born with an extra finger.”

2. “This dumpling made my brain commit pareidolia.”

3. “Girlfriend took a pic that made it look like I was trapped in the concrete.”

4. “My belly button hasn’t popped yet, but it’s smiling at me.”

5. “This sock looks like a French baker.”

6. “Our ginger looks like a baby.”

7. “My son is only 5 days old and already has seen some life.”

8. “My friend, Bobby, is 6’6” and very large, so big objects appear relatively normal-sized to him."

9. “I’m 27 donuts tall.”

10. “This building I saw while on vacation is made to look upside down.”

11. “The kids decided to use the iPad as a book stand.”

12. “Some art my sister did with jam”

13. “The amount of hair my daughter had at 2 months old!”

14. “My buddy put on $40 worth of those fake tattoos that you put on with cold water. Disney themed.”

15. “The electrical box in front of my house looks like the dark lord Sauron is watching me.”

16. “Found a super reflective jacket at a store.”

When was the last time you found something out of the ordinary? Where do you usually spot curious things?


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