18 Pics That Will Make You Aww and Laugh at the Same Time

2 years ago

Being moved by something’s cuteness and laughter are definitely among the best feelings out there. Today’s heroes are the embodiment of both: a doggo who stole all the hoagie rolls that could fit in his mouth, a boy chosen by a dozen cats to be their chair, a little girl unsuccessfully trying to hide under a bucket, and many more.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is happy to bring you this mood booster of a compilation.

“My friend’s dog fell asleep like this.”

“Our dog’s tongue always sticks out in a blanket with holes.”

“My kid is so much cooler than I am...”

“My cat likes to relax in my daughter’s jumper.”

“Crouching tiger, sleeping doggy”

“This is a local dog who pokes his head through the back of his garden to see what’s going on.”

“The time when he fit in the mixer”

“My friend’s dog stole all our hoagie rolls.”

“My 3-year-old granddaughter playing hide and seek”

“Told them to do a silly face, and this is what happened.”

“How I left him vs. how I found him”

“My dog has a girlfriend who lives across the street. This was his face when she came over for Valentine’s Day.”

“She comes down two flights of stairs just to sit facing away from me like she’s mad.”

“They’re all making the same face.”

“How our cat greets my dad when he gets home from work”

“This is my daughter’s first Christmas. Her cousin wasn’t taking too kindly to having to share Grandpa.”

“This is the face of a boy who has accepted his fate: cat furniture.”

“She has no idea what just slapped her in the face.”

Which pic did you think was the funniest? Do you have any similar photos of your pets? Feel free to share them with us!

Preview photo credit natezim / reddit


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