16 People Whose Height Always Gives Them a Reason to Have Fun

2 years ago

No matter their height, most people seem to have wished to be just a little taller or shorter at least a couple of times. Some of us wear uncomfortable shoes with heels; others slouch, trying to seem less tall. However, it is important to be comfortable in your skin and not let height-related hang-ups affect your self-image.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love seeing both tall and short people laughing at the little mishaps they experience because of their height, and we’re bringing you the best examples right here.

“This bathroom in my dad’s new house. I’m 6’1”. The room is so short they had to cut holes in the ceiling over the toilet and sink so you can stand up."

“Somewhere in the deep south of England, there be Hobbits!”

“Visiting my dad’s girlfriend’s family. They’re a family of tall people.”

“The seat on the train nobody else likes”

“Pro of being 5 ft tall — limitless costume ideas! The kids at work love it when I dress up.”

“I am, in fact, taller than my husband by 9 inches.”

“Not needing a ladder to put up Christmas lights is pretty awesome.”

“This Airbnb I stayed in last night had the lowest ceilings I’ve ever encountered.”

“I bought a witchy skirt, but I’m short... So, now it’s a dress!”

“Me (5’3”) and my date (5’10″) to semi-formal from last night!"

“Short people perks: fitting into the fun clothes from the kids’ section.”

“I’m 6’2 and a half, so this is what I see in most mirrors.”

“Hi, this is me turning the fan on because my waiter couldn’t reach the switch.”

A great solution for a truck that’s too high to reach

“My wife and I have a painting system worked out — she goes low, I go high.”

“My girlfriend trying to use the ATM in Croatia”

Have you ever been in a funny or strange situation because of your height? Do you have a picture that you could share with us? We’d love to know more about it!

Preview photo credit 560guy / Reddit


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