A Man Criticized for Getting a Disabled Woman Pregnant Reveals the Remarkable Family They’ve Built

6 months ago

Alex and Noah are challenging norms and expanding the horizons of their unique love story. Their lives took an extraordinary twist when they joyfully welcomed their cherished baby. Despite the hurdles encountered during her pregnancy, Alex persevered, even in the face of disapproval stemming from her disability, to bring their child into the world.

They knew they wanted a baby right from the start.

Alex is an exceptional woman, facing the daily challenges brought by a rare condition known as spinal muscular atrophy. This condition impacts her life every day, turning even the most basic tasks into formidable endeavors. However, her inner strength and unwavering determination radiate brightly.

In a world where disabilities can sometimes lead to isolation, Alex discovered love through a dating app. It was on this platform that she encountered Noah, and their connection was immediate, sparking from their very first date. Their love story triumphed over all expectations.

While their path was not without its obstacles, it served as a poignant illustration of the resilience of their bond. Alex and Noah openly acknowledged that their families initially harbored reservations regarding their relationship. Alex encountered doubt from her own family, while Noah’s family grappled with understanding his connection with a person with a disability. However, as time unfolded and they had the opportunity to become acquainted with Alex, their doubts gradually transformed into acceptance and compassion.

More than a year went by, and their love continued to flourish. They took everyone by surprise when, just seven months into their relationship, they revealed that they were anticipating their first child. Even though some thought it might be too “premature” or “hasty,” both Noah and Alex were steadfast in their belief that it was the correct decision on their unique journey.

Yet, because of her disability, the entire pregnancy posed a challenging journey for Alex, and it was no less demanding for Noah, who stood by her side day and night.

Alex usually relied on medication to manage her disability, but during her pregnancy, she had to suspend her treatment, placing Noah in the role of her dedicated caregiver. Finding the right equilibrium was a formidable task, but they managed it, showcasing that with the right support system, there are no boundaries to what can be surmounted in the face of disability.

Besides the pregnancy challenges, they both had to contend with criticism, with Noah being a particular target.

In a video capturing her pregnancy journey, Alex proudly displayed three positive pregnancy tests, leading to a whirlwind of emotions for the soon-to-be mother. This pregnancy wasn’t part of their meticulously crafted plan, so a blend of astonishment and elation colored their reactions. Noah, her partner, found himself in a similar tangle of emotions — they were undeniably thrilled, yet also weighed down by a degree of apprehension about the uncertain path that lay ahead.

Their worries extended beyond the typical concerns of pregnancy. Due to Alex’s condition, unique challenges awaited her. The necessity for intubation during delivery was a risky prospect for someone with her condition. Nevertheless, she held an incredible trust in her medical team, firmly believing they would spare no effort to ensure the health of her baby.

With Alex’s significant presence on social media, they were eager to invite their followers to share in this remarkable journey. As they chronicled their pregnancy experiences online, they received an overwhelming outpouring of support from well-wishers genuinely thrilled for them. However, amid the sea of congratulatory messages, a shadow of negativity began to encroach with certain comments.

While many eagerly awaited their ultrasound scan with enthusiasm, some individuals chose to cast doubt on the authenticity of the pregnancy instead of offering support, suspecting it was a hoax. When the moment for the first ultrasound finally arrived, it seemed as though they had to demonstrate their truth to the world. For Alex, this marked the pinnacle of the negativity she had ever encountered on social media. People questioned what Alex would do if Noah were to leave her, and some went to the extent of suggesting her pregnancy should be deemed “illegal,” causing her to question her capability to care for her forthcoming child.

Interestingly, all the negativity and doubt served as a catalyst, fortifying Alex and Noah’s resolve. They refused to allow it to overshadow their enthusiasm for this forthcoming chapter in their lives as a family of three. Their aspiration was to make their love story a luminous illustration of the diverse relationships that exist.

Much like any other couple, they aimed to convey that they were undeniably deserving of love and capable of building a family together. To the detractors, Alex delivered a potent message: “We are not going anywhere.” This statement was more than just words; it embodied their unwavering commitment and served as tangible evidence of the indomitable strength of their bond.

Noah also faced criticism for being in a relationship with a disabled woman.

Besides the hard pregnancy journey, right from the start of their love story, Noah often felt uncomfortable because of the constant stares they received in public. It was like people couldn’t help but stare at Alex. For her, those stares were just another part of her daily life — she’d grown used to them.

But their relationship wasn’t just subject to judgment in the real world; it was also under a harsh spotlight on social media. Some people accused Noah of having a “disability fetish.” They assumed he couldn’t genuinely love Alex, both physically and romantically, and that his attraction to her was just some kind of weird fascination.

But Alex, the strong and wise woman that she was, had an eloquent response to these accusations. She made it clear that the assumption was that disabled people aren’t seen as sexually appealing, a prejudice that she was more than willing to shatter with her own love story.

Their cherished bundle of joy

Love these precious souls who are more than deserving of respect and admiration. There are those who find fault in everybody and even though those who are being bullied should never accept it, the bullies will then look for another victim. Stay strong and beautiful (all three of you.)


Alex’s announcement of the arrival of their baby girl, Ari Jacqueline Smith, on March 6, 2023, was a moment brimming with pure joy and profound emotion. Born at 34 weeks and two days, this tiny miracle stood as the living embodiment of their love.

The first time Alex held her daughter was a moment that left her without words. She struggled to articulate the overwhelming rush of emotions coursing through her. In a deeply moving video, she shared the sight of little Ari cradled in her arms, her eyes closed as if savoring every precious second. “I love this little human with all my heart,” she declared, and that love radiated through every glance, every smile, and every tender touch.

Instagram was inundated with love and support for the newly formed family. Brimming with self-assurance and an overflowing reservoir of love in their hearts, Alex and Noah were prepared to embark on this exciting new journey of parenthood. In Alex’s own words, “We’re very caring, loving people, and we have the resources and love in our hearts to be able to raise a baby. We’re very confident in that.”

This story serves as a radiant testament to the power of love and resilience, and we have more remarkable tales to bring to you, including the story of another couple who, despite confronting familial skepticism, illuminated the extraordinary might of their love.


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congratulations on the birth of your child. I also know what it's like as my now-deceased fiance was also disabled and in a wheelchair good luck with everything


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