17 Annoying Things Only Tall People Will Fully Comprehend

6 months ago

The average height of adults worldwide stands at approximately 5’6″ for males and 5’2″ for females, serving as a foundation for much of the world’s infrastructure. However, for tall individuals, various small inconveniences and challenges tend to arise, making their daily life a tad more difficult. Let’s explore some of the daily struggles they encounter.

1. “If they could go ahead and make showers for tall people, yeah that’d be great.”

2. “There’ll be magnificent views, they said.”

3. “Welcome to everyday of my life everywhere.”

4. “I love it when there’s no one sitting in front of me... my legs need to always improvise, adapt and overcome.”

5. When at least 3 problems meet: a tall people problem, a tiny bathroom problem, and a crappy design problem.

6. “My almost 2 meters tall friend is having some trouble at the ATM.”

7. “And then the bus comes to an abrupt and sudden stop.”

8. Because tall people don’t just suffer on planes.

9. “Go to Italy they said... It would be fun they said. [M 6’3”]"

10. “Welcome to the world of never sitting properly in a car.”

11. “Awkward tall person photo.”

12. Well, at least there are enough numbers on this.

13. “This is how my mum and I hug now.”

14. Mirrors help tall people avoid looking at their sleepy puffy eyes in the morning.

15. “Race day photos turned out great!”

16. “Fitting in! Or tall people problems.”

17. “Our 7’1 friend went for a sleepover in his girlfriend’s old bedroom.”

Height is always a topic of discussion and that definitely is the case for the tallest woman in the world. And on screen, we often get deceived by the height of actors that is altered.


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