«She Doesn’t Look Like Herself Anymore,» Lady Gaga’s Latest Look Sparks Heated Controversy

3 months ago

Lady Gaga marked her 38th birthday by sharing a relaxed snapshot on her Instagram account. The renowned star exuded radiance with her bleached eyebrows and flowing blonde locks. While admirers showered her with compliments on her beauty, numerous fans couldn’t help but comment on how different she appeared.

Sitting comfortably in her car, the A Star Is Born actress and singer shared a candid moment, flashing a peace sign and sporting a gentle smile directed at the camera. Her long blonde tresses elegantly framed her face, enhancing her ethereal charm. Notably, her eyebrows appeared to be bleached, harmonizing seamlessly with the color of her hair.

Within just a few days of being uploaded, Lady Gaga’s post has garnered over a million likes. Fans inundated the comments section, expressing birthday wishes and admiration for her natural look. One particularly enthusiastic admirer went as far as stating, «Can we say how this hair is your best hair in years?»

Yet, not all responses were equally positive. Some expressed doubts about her appearance. One person remarked, «She doesn’t look like herself anymore,» while another lamented, «Her natural lips were beautiful.» Additionally, a commenter opined that this particular look aged her, stating, «She must be 50.»

her eyebrows look better in this picture. Blonde hair don't always have blonde eyebrows - unless you're born with blonde everything - or born albino...
No, the natural brown eyebrows here are better looking, in my opinion


Recall, in late 2023, Lady Gaga’s appearance at the premiere of Bradley Cooper’s latest movie, Maestro, also caused heated discussions among netizens. Fans were quick to comment on the singer’s striking new look, sparking a flurry of critiques.

During the movie’s screening, Lady Gaga donned an Alexander McQueen black suit embellished with embroidered and beaded orchids, paired with the Jimmy Choo Ellipse clutch. While many applauded her show of support for Cooper, the public engaged in a critical discussion regarding Gaga’s facial appearance.

Lady Gaga has openly stated that she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery. However, in 2013, she admitted to once being preoccupied with facial injections. Fortunately, a caring friend intervened, assisting her in breaking free from that habit.

Fans wasted no time in lambasting Gaga, with many commenting, «She needs to leave her face alone.» Some voiced sentiments of nostalgia, remarking, «I don’t know why she felt she needed this much Botox and filler. She used to be so pretty, but now looks like a wax statue

Cooper also faced scrutiny from fans who noticed changes in his cheeks, with suggestions that both stars should consider easing up on fillers.

Invision / Invision / East News, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

In our view, even if Lady Gaga’s face has undergone alterations, she remains unparalleled, and any beauty enhancements certainly do not diminish her immense talent.

Another celebrity sparking curiosity and criticism is Anne Hathaway, who recently grabbed people’s attention with rumors about the possibility of her having undergone plastic surgery.

Preview photo credit Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News, ladygaga / Instagram


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