A Girl Born Without a Nose Was Called “Voldemort,” and She Proudly Embraces Her Uniqueness

11 months ago

Meet “Voldemort,” the endearing nickname given to a unique little girl born without a nose. Her exceptional physical attributes distinguish her from the ordinary, presenting a captivating tale that urges us to celebrate the beauty and diversity inherent in the human form. This extraordinary narrative compels us to redefine our perception of true uniqueness.

She was born with a rare condition.

Tessa came into the world with a rare condition known as complete congenital arhinia, leaving her without a nose. This extraordinary anomaly, affecting only a small number of individuals globally, posed unique challenges right from the start of her life’s journey. Nevertheless, Tessa’s resilience shines through as she refuses to be defined by her condition and embraces life with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Arhinia is a condition that arises when the nose fails to develop in the womb, leading to the absence of this facial feature. For Tessa, this unique condition extends beyond the missing nose; she also lacks the olfactory system responsible for detecting smells in the brain. Despite the hurdles she encountered, Tessa’s parents recognized her beauty and extraordinary nature, cherishing their daughter just the way she is.

Upon seeing their unborn child’s facial deformity through an ultrasound, Tessa’s parents, Grainne, and Nathan Evans, were overwhelmed with a mix of emotions. At the five-month mark of the pregnancy, they learned that their daughter would enter the world without a nose. Though the news initially shook them, they made a firm decision to offer Tessa the utmost care and unwavering support throughout her life.

Tessa’s journey has been marked by numerous medical procedures and surgeries.

Following her birth, Tessa was swiftly transferred to the intensive care unit, where she underwent a tracheotomy to aid her breathing. Remarkably, at only eleven months old, she had to endure cataract surgery, presenting additional hurdles for her at such a young age.

After two years, Tessa underwent a significant step in her journey—cosmetic surgery to implant prostheses beneath her skin, paving the way for a future artificial nose construction. Her parents carefully considered this decision, recognizing it as an opportunity to gradually enhance Tessa’s appearance, aiming for a more “normal” profile. The procedure involved bone and skin grafts, typically recommended during adolescence when facial growth is complete.

Despite facing these physical hardships, Tessa’s indomitable spirit remains unwavering.

Tessa has remarkably adapted to a life without a nose, learning to breathe through her mouth and coping with the absence of the sense of smell that many of us often take for granted. However, her infectious joy and boundless enthusiasm for life stand as a powerful testament to her unwavering determination to embrace every moment to the fullest.

Tessa is a naturally very pretty little girl anyway .. nose or no nose. I've watched her progression over the years through media stories ... & she's certainly an inspiration and I'm sure will be a leader in the future.


Tessa’s story has captured the attention of people worldwide, serving as an inspiration to countless individuals who confront their own challenges. Her strength and resilience serve as a poignant reminder that genuine beauty transcends physical appearance and lies in the unyielding spirit within us all.

Through her journey, Tessa becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the path that reminds us we can conquer any obstacle with determination, courage, and the unwavering support of loved ones.

Amidst a world where negativity can easily consume us, stories like Tessa’s serve as a radiant beacon, illuminating the triumph of the human spirit. Her ongoing journey is a testament to perseverance, and her story continues to ignite inspiration in countless individuals across the globe.


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