17 Women Who Chose to Let Their Body Hair Grow

year ago

There are women who can’t imagine their bodies full of hair, women who refuse to remove their hair and those who shave occasionally. No matter in which category you belong, you must admit that shaving our legs is sometimes annoying. Besides that, shaving became popular only when razors started being advertised and women were told that they need to get rid of their body hair. So, maybe we should all let each other make their own choice without passing any judgment.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that people shouldn’t be judged for their choices as long as they harm no one and these 17 women prove that being different than the social norms is something everyone can do if they really want to.

1. “Trying to show up as the woman of my dreams.”

2. “Love my hair.”

3. “Armpit hair looks good.”

4. “I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

5. In addition to putting flowers on the hair, you can combine them with colorful dresses.

6. “When you don’t take criticism well and someone comments on your pit hair...”

7. “Rocking these at the pool today.”

8. “Soft and cuddly bumble bee legs.”

9. “For a long time, I was embarrassed to wear short sleeves on the street.”

10. “No more afraid of what people will say about my body hair.”

11. “Beach day”

12. “Arm day at the gym. I don’t care who stares anymore.”

13. “I feel like a queen.”

14. “He has more, but I’m happy with mine! Couples that grow together, grow together, haha!”

15. “I honestly love having unshaven pits in the summer.”

“I love the reactions I get and how nervous some people are around a woman who won’t follow social norms.”

16. “Just got a pedicure yesterday! I’m finally learning to be comfortable going to the salon with my hairy legs!”

17. “Really going to miss armpits out weather.”

Would you ever stop shaving and let your natural hair out for the world to see? We would love to hear your opinion on the matter.


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