The World’s Hairiest Girl Grew Up and Decided To Astonish Everyone With Her New Look

3 months ago

When this girl was born, doctors and parents were shocked by how hairy she was. Later on, she even received a title from the Guinness Book of Records as the hairiest girl in the world. But the most important thing in this story is how the grown-up girl lives a full life despite her rare condition.

Supattra «Natty» Sasupan, known as the world’s hairiest girl, experienced mockery and apprehension from her peers because of her distinct appearance.

On August 5, 1999, an important event took place in Supatra’s family. Typically, the birth of a new baby brings immense joy and excitement to parents, and this was exactly how Supatra’s mom and dad, Sompon and Samrerng, felt when she was born.

But their happiness was mixed with surprise, fear, and disbelief because the doctor told them their baby had a lot of hair. «I gave birth and the doctor said she had lots of hair, and I thought it was normal. When I saw her in the incubator, I was shocked that she had so much hair, I thought it was the normal amount of hair.»

Later, doctors diagnosed Natty with a highly rare skin condition known as Ambras syndrome. This condition is extremely uncommon, with only around 50 documented cases worldwide over a long period of time.

Ambras syndrome leads to excessive body hair growth, except on the palms, soles, and inside of the mouth, likely resulting from a sudden DNA change.

When Natty’s mother wanted to leave the hospital after her birth, the doctors hesitated because they were concerned that she might abandon her child. However, Sompon reassured the doctor, stating that she would never leave her child behind, no matter the circumstances. She expressed gratitude, saying, «We are fortunate that she was born into our family.»

Despite growing up in a loving family, Natty faced challenges as not everyone understood her condition. She encountered unkindness from strangers and peers, which she had to navigate with resilience and strength.

As Natty matured, her face remained obscured by thick hair due to her incurable Ambras syndrome. Conventional methods such as laser removal proved ineffective in slowing down her hair growth. At school, she endured ridicule due to her distinctive appearance, with children mocking her with names like «wolf girl» and «monkey face.»

Despite this, Natty didn’t comprehend why she was teased, viewing herself as a regular girl with slightly more hair. She confidently expressed, «It’s just who I am.»

Natty’s teacher, Kuljira Posaeng, disclosed that other children were initially frightened by Natty’s appearance, leading to challenging early school days. However, as time passed, Natty demonstrated that she was no different from any other student. Teachers praised her hard work and excellent grades, and she eventually gained popularity, becoming one of the most well-liked kids at school.

Natty’s teachers described her as a vibrant girl who had a passion for singing, dancing, and acting. Her parents treated her just like any other child, ensuring she never felt less important despite her condition. They took her everywhere with pride, never embarrassed by her appearance, which differed from other children.

Reflecting on her experiences, Natty shared, «There were a few people who used to tease me and call me ’monkey face,’ but they don’t do it anymore. I’m very accustomed to this condition. I don’t feel the hair, as it has always been like this. It doesn’t bother me.» She also mentioned the challenges of long hair obstructing her vision at times, expressing her hope for a cure in the future.

At the moment, doctors still haven’t invented a cure for this condition. There have been about 50 such cases registered worldwide, so it’s an extremely rare condition. Laser hair removal only made the situation worse, and the hair started growing thicker and coarser, so now the girl has to remove hair using more primitive methods or shave.

But all of this hasn’t broken Supattra’s spirit. She actively manages social media and shares her photos. The girl studies at a technological college, works, has many friends, and a happy personal life.

Later, Natty discovered love in her life.

Natty has accepted her condition, realizing that there is no cure for it. She chose to embrace her body hair as it naturally grew since birth, only shaving her face when she reached her teenage years. With time, her self-esteem and self-perception became significant to her, and she also discovered love.

She expressed, «It started as a friendship, and then we became a couple.» Their conversations brought her joy, and being together felt effortless, with a love that took her by surprise: «It was a type of love I never thought would come my way.»

Later on, Natty married her boyfriend, whom she referred to as «the love of my life.»

Natty also shared photos with her partner, showcasing her face without facial hair. Some observers speculated that she might have been cured, but her father clarified that she had made the choice to shave her facial hair to reveal her new appearance. Now, her eyes, face, mouth, lips, and cheeks are visible, with only her forehead covered by her head’s hair.

Having found love and happiness, Natty is determined to lead a positive life and continue making a beautiful impact on society. She believes in the beauty and uniqueness of every individual and aims to inspire others to embrace their individuality and radiate their inner beauty.

Here is the story of another woman. Her face is not completely covered in hair, but she has a thick beard. And she bravely showcases it to the world, and we are proud of her.


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