18 Animal Friendships That Show Love Has No Limits

year ago

Interspecies friendships do exist and it’s when different species create bonds that remind human friend connections. The reason something like this is possible is simply due to the domestication of so many species nowadays. Animals get familiar with other creatures they’ve never met before and they create binds that seem so unbelievable.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t get enough of these 18 improbable but excisting animal friendships that are maybe the cutest thing you’ll see today.

1. “Our boxer made a new friend today.”

2. Nothing to see here. Just 2 best friends being lazy together.

3. “A friend of mine has a Golden Retriever that recently made a new friend.”

4. “My bunny and dog have been bonding...”

5. Sakura the Otter and Mochi the Cat just look purr-fect together.

6. “Loki made a friend today.”

7. Beau the German Shepherd being protective of his bestie Marley

8. Their friendship has made this world a better place.

9. “We found an injured bunny and our teacup chihuahua puppy, Fang, has become her protector and BFF...”

10. “They do make a purr-fect couple!”

11. “My cat and my rabbit”

12. Who said a panther and a Rottweiler can’t get along?

13. “Pumpkin the prairie dog when she was around the cats loved her.”

14. The look of love

15. This doggo has serious FOMO (fear of missing out).

“A local farm where I live had trouble with their flock all wanting to sleep in the same house, and each night they have to go break them up. The other night they found their dog had joined in.”

16. Rudy the Duck just loves to spoon Barclay.

17. Their friendship never gets boar-ing.

“Archer the duck is never far from his bestie Elmer the pig. These 2 BFFs met at their forever home at Rancho Relaxo Animal Sanctuary.”

18. “Animal sanctuary friends.”

Do you have any pets who are best friends even though they are not traditionally known to be close?


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