18 Finds That Chased the Word “Ordinary” Out of People’s Days

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As kids, we viewed the world with a sense of wonder. But as we age and gain experience, we tend to look at our surroundings with less fascination. Luckily, seeing interesting things around us can trigger that tiny spark of astonishment within us. And they can turn our ordinary or boring days into an eventful one.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to help you see the world with awe once again, so we put together a collection of 18 curious finds that people stumbled upon.

1. “This weird strawberry”

2. “On my walk I found a pair of dentures set into the concrete in front of a house.”

3. “The shade is protecting the snow from melting.”

4. “My cat has 26 toes (18 is normal).”

5. “A white tomato”

6. “In Nepal, the Pringles mascot has different facial expressions depending on the flavor.”

7. “I keep a salt lamp in my bathroom and it started to grow a stalactite.”

8. “My grocery store cut open an orange for display, so people could see the inside.”

9. “A piece of ice cream dropped from my spoon as I was scooping and it looks like a tiny shark.”

10. “This ice patch I found that looks like a feather”

11. “This pet bathroom at the airport”

12. “Ripped tights looking like a city skyline!”

13. “Tiny praying mantis on a 10 year old’s finger.”

14. “This tree seems to have its eye on me.”

15. “The lenses on my glasses look like ice cubes.”

16. “A Brown Thrasher munching on some food”

17. “A happy radish found while chopping food for tacos.”

18. “Discovered that my tooth implant doesn’t glow like the rest of my teeth under black light.”

What unusual things have you seen recently? How often do you notice things like this?

Preview photo credit LeoPopanapolis / Reddit


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