18 People Who Discovered Stuff in Old Houses That Even Columbus Couldn’t Have Dreamed Of

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2 years ago

Old houses are full of mysteries and secrets. Often, those who live in them are in for surprises when it comes time to start renovating or tidying up corners. For example, they find artifacts from bygone eras, secret rooms, and other treasures such as highly prized works of art.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we were inspired by the experience of Redditers who, instead of moving, had an adventure in the fashion of yesteryear’s explorers.

1. “Found in an old house. The objects in the photo above look like a salt and pepper shaker.”

2. “Violin found in a wall of old house ca. 1965, inside one of the walls. My dad’s cousin told him he could keep it (or so he told us), and he kept it in his closet for about 50 years.”

3. “I took a wall out of my closet and found a makeshift passageway with a large, heavy, creepy basket in it.”

4. “I’m new to metal detecting, and just found this jar full of money! A lot of silver. I had always been told that there was a jar or jars of money buried somewhere in my great grandparents yard. My dad searched for it many times, with no luck. I searched for about 2 1/2 hours and hit the jackpot!”

5. “Someone buried an old TV in our backyard at some point.”

6. “House flooded and we needed to remove all the wet carpet... found this floor safe in the slab under the carpet in the closet...”

7. “My house is built on an Indian burial site. I am replacing the furnace and I found this under the old furnace.”

8. “Found in a wall in Vermont”

9. “I removed the bathroom medicine cabinet and found this old wallpaper. My house is from 1812.”

10. “Found an old lock box in my grandmas house. There were documents and diplomas from the 1920s. And a bag of old coins. In particular, silver dollars from those same years.”

11. “The builder of this wall wrote the date that he finished it using black bricks (Surrey, UK).”

12. “Handmade nails from 1852 I found in the floorboards of a historical house I’m restoring.”

13. “Late 1800’s house restoration. I found pocket doors hidden in the walls. This is the original lock, which of course we kept installed.”

14. “Found a few headstones behind my house. This is one of them.”

15. “Moved into a house built in 1977, found this embedded in the driveway when pressure washing.”

16. “While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board.”

17. “A strange mural found after removing the paint in my aunt’s new house.”

18. “Art found in the crawl space in the house I’m currently renting. The house was built in 1936.”

  • It’s a Vintage 1950s Wood Block Print by Kyoto Hangan-in and depicts either a traditional Japanese home or Korean, can’t tell exactly. Perfect condition could be worth upwards $100+ Nice find. © SubstantialCrabB*** / Reddit

What interesting or unusual things have you found in your home?

Preview photo credit todaysthrowaway84 / Reddit


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