Meghan Markle Subtly Alters Her Appearance, but Many Overlook the Detail She Modified

4 months ago

Meghan Markle consistently showcases an impeccable sense of style whenever she makes public appearances. Given the high standards she must meet, it’s understandable. Although the focus typically remains on Meghan during official trips and events, she recently made a subtle adjustment to her appearance that went unnoticed by many.

Photographs published in January 2024 reveal Meghan exuding a radiant aura with visibly fuller and fluffier eyebrows, signaling a departure from her previous affinity for the over-plucked eyebrow trend of the ’90s.

The credit for Meghan’s upgraded eyebrows goes to Yana Gushchina, the creator of the beauty haven Browfique. Gushchina introduced the technique responsible for Meghan’s brow transformation, known as powdering. This semi-permanent makeup method is renowned for its ombre effect and velvety powder finish, producing brows that are naturally defined and appealing.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, LISA O'CONNOR/AFP/East News

In the past few years, Meghan has adopted a minimalist approach to her makeup, occasionally enhancing her appearance with delicately applied false eyelashes.

However, despite her experimentation with different looks, Meghan is not one to frequently alter her makeup style. Lydia Sellers, her former makeup artist, shared in an interview, «Meghan is very self-assured when it comes to what she likes in a beauty routine, and our time together very rarely ventured too far from her classic makeup look.»

AP/East News, AP/East News

While Meghan usually avoids significant alterations in her appearance, other women are more inclined to embrace transformations. In our other article, we showcased the woman who underwent plastic surgery, resulting in a remarkable transformation that appeared to take off 20 years.

Preview photo credit AP/East News, Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News


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