18 Striking Photos That Embody the Timeless Beauty of Older Generations

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Beauty and elegance can be found anywhere and especially in any era. And when we go back to our old photo albums and check snaps of our parents or grandparents in their youth, we might be surprised at how effortlessly cool and chic they looked. And today, we’ll be sharing 18 vintage pics of regular people who don’t look any less glamorous than old Hollywood stars.

1. ’’My handsome Grandpa in 1950’’

2. “My mom’s senior picture, late ’60s”

3. "I had the most handsome grandfather. He would have been 80 today’’

4. “My grandmother, 1940s Florida. Cat tax included.”

5. “My beautiful Brazilian mother holding up her pregnancy test of me! (the ’90s)”

6. “My friend’s good-looking grandfather on his wedding day in the 1940s”

7. "My grandma, back in 1978’’

8. “1957, My grandpa (18), holding my mom on his parent’s couch in the Cleveland suburbs”

9. “My mom, early ’90s”

10. “My mom, 22 years old, 1974.”

11. “My grandparent’s (Leonard and Bertha) wedding picture, 1937”

12. “My grandparents in the ’70s”

13. “August of ’88. Me and my best friend at a radio station promotion”

14. “My grandmother on an outing with her dog, Chico, sometime in the 1950s”

15. “My father after winning 2nd place in a bike race in the early ’90s”

16. “Coney Island 1933”

17. “My dad in the ’70s”

18. “My grandma holding her tickets to the Beatles concert, 1964.”

Preview photo credit wfyff / Reddit, Hill1140 / Reddit


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