17 People Who Experienced First Hand What a Bad Day Means

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During the 365 days of every year, we all have some great day, some mediocre days and some bad days. When we have bad days, it could be due to our mood or due to something specific that happened. It could be a bad dish you ordered at a restaurant or finding your car totally ruined. The thing is that you never know when something negative will happen.

1. “My stress ball exploded.”

2. “Ordered a Caesar salad in a restaurant.”

3. “I was so tired this morning I brewed water.”

4. Operation: Steal the Fries was unsuccessful.

5. “Fantastic, how’s your day going?”

6. “I thought these were eye drops. Turned out to be mint breath freshener.”

7. “My boyfriend’s roommate doesn’t wash his pan between uses.”

8. When you’re a pawfect door designer:

9. “It was supposed to be cream filled.”

10. “The delivery company left my package right in front of the garage door.”

11. “My dishwasher in my new apartment only opens this far before hitting the oven.”

12. “My oven exploded while I was trying to cook chicken...”

13. “Found this in my take-out from my favorite Chinese restaurant.”

14. “They put my donut in the bag, upside-down.”

15. “The donations to a man and his daughter (homeless) that he left because it wasn’t cash. There’s a $5 box of Girl Scout cookies there, too.”

16. “A squirrel set up its nut storage under the hood of my van.”

17. “What would you do if your pizza arrives like this?”

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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