20 People Who’ve Found Really Creative Solutions for How to Declutter Their Homes

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Everyone decides for themselves how their space should be organized. But sometimes we have too many personal items and too little space, so we have to improvise. The heroes of this article seem to be real experts at organizing their homes because they’ve come up with really creative stotrage solutions.

Hair clips and makeup storage for the bathroom

Organizing cans can be so fascinating.

“I wonder how long it will last before the cooks mess it up again.”

“Maximizing cabinet doors — spices on the left and measuring spoons and cups on the right.”

“I needed to organize my pen collection. A few phone and eyeglass boxes later, and I’m pleased with the results.”

“Using these PVC bags for games and puzzles is life changing!”

“I organized my sister’s and my menstrual products. It took 45 minutes to do it.”

  • It is so beautifully organized! Even a stranger will now know where to find what they need. © MayaR27 / Reddit

“Combining passions for makeup and science”

“A new wall makeup organizer that gets everything off my countertops!”

When there’s not enough space around your sink:

“I doubled up on bathroom closet storage by using stackable drawers.”

“I finally tamed the spice cabinet with some pull-out organizers.”

“Closet shelf dividers are a game changer!”

“Keep track of bobby pins. I noticed this in our bathroom, my wife is a smart woman!”

“My makeup items were growing, so I bought a cart that fits between the wall and my desk.”

How to organize cleaners under the sink

“Such a better use of space above my washer and dryer”

“You know those little plastic containers that razor refills come in? Turns out they make excellent organizers for miniature compacts/single shadows!”

“My husband’s clothes: before and after”

“When my husband saw how I folded my panties, he laughed and said...”

“Will you get a bonus for this innovation?”


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