19 Pics of Pets With Their Toys Guaranteed to Bring a Smile to Your Face

2 years ago

Pets are lovely on their own, but when they are paired together with a toy they care for, the cuteness is simply off the charts. Even though the toys aren’t alive, our little 4-legged friends seem to treat them as close friends: they take their favorite plushes everywhere, try to share food, cuddle with them, and genuinely worry while the owner repairs the toy.

Over at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we know that such pics can brighten up any day, so we’d love to share this pure adorability with you.

1. Taking care of his little “plushy brother”

2. “4 weeks vs full-grown with his favorite toy”

3. “My cat carries his toy with him all over the house. Apparently, he thought it was hungry too.”

4. “After years of behavioral training, she got to pick out her own toy.”

5. “Never gets cozy without her toy.”

6. “Just a puppy and her dinosaur toy! Hope it makes you smile today.”

7. “Bonnie helped pack for her trip and already put her favorite toy in the suitcase.”

8. “I got a stuffed animal for my birthday and he kept trying to steal it, so I gave him a toy of his own. For the past 2 days, he has carried it absolutely everywhere.”

9. “My friend’s horse is very proud of his new plushy.”

10. “This doggo’s toy needed some repairs, so he’s really worried about it.”

11. “A year and 12 pounds later, and it’s still Dobby’s favorite toy.”

12. “Do my toys really need a bath, Mom?”

13. “All these years later and it’s still her favorite toy.”

14. When your favorite toy is the one that looks just like you

15. “She has ripped up hundreds of toys, but she refuses to hurt her dino.”

16. “This teddy bear used to be his sister’s before she died. Now Eddie carries it around with him and it’s the only toy he’s never destroyed.”

17. “My girl, Molly, with her favorite plush pupper”

18. “Pickles has found a new friend.”

19. “Her favorite stuffed toy sloth”

What’s your pet’s favorite toy? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comment section below!


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