20 Aww-Worthy Photos of German Shepherds That Might Convince You to Get One

2 years ago

German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) are generally seen as tough and aggressive canines. This is mainly because we often see them working with the police as watchdogs. But pet owners who have opened their doors to these extremely loyal creatures are sharing photos of their GSD’s softer and sweeter side. And this breed can definitely melt any dog lover’s heart.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 20 photos of German Shepherds being irresistibly cute, and they might just make you consider having one of your own.

1. “Kiddo had a rough day at school, and then I caught this.”

2. “I’m not saying you should get 2, but you should get 2.”

3. “And now I can’t move for an hour...”

4. “My wife was taking a shower...”

5. “The little bumblebee just wants to go outside and play!”

6. “Yoda is visiting the vet for the first time. He wanted to check his charts.”

7. “Watching the kids get on the bus”

8. “’Get a German Shepherd’ they said, ’They’re really intelligent!’”

9. “When we let him out to potty, but he goes swimming in the neighbor’s pool. He knows what he’s done.”

10. “Kova, my 9-week-old GSD, is too cute for words. I even forgive her for digging her needle teeth into my feet at 6 a.m. every morning!”

11. “My baby girl met her brother again after 3 weeks!”

12. “3 years ago was Mr. T’s first walk into the big, big world. He has grown so much but is still always smiling.”

13. “Sophie’s ’I’m too cute to be in trouble’ face”

14. “Ran out of gas, so she hitched a ride to the truck.”

15. “Cuteness overload! They were inseparable after 3 weeks.”

16. “Is this the universal GSD ’look at how cute I am’ pose?”

17. “Yesterday, I was paired with this 100-pound, 11-month-old baby through a non-profit that pairs GSDs with veterans, soldiers, and EMS workers, and he’s already completely taken over my heart.”

18. “BEST DOGS EVER. We were charged by a brown bear here in Montana. Mammoth and I charged right back. It all happened so fast, but the bear turned and ran off.”

19. “I couldn’t get a more perfect picture of their shared bond if I tried!”

20. “The best picture I have ever taken of my dad and his favorite daughter, Luna (I’m the second favorite daughter).”

What other dog breeds do you know of that have the wrong reputation? What do you think it’s based on?

Preview photo credit No-Clock-140 / Reddit


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