20+ Details of Everyday Life in Romania That Can Catch Tourists Off Guard

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Many people associate Romania with dark and mysterious Transylvania, the native land of vampires and ancient castles. But thanks to this, millions of tourists from all over the world visit this Eastern European country to experience mysticism, old traditions, and a special atmosphere. Modern Romania, however, is home to many other interesting and fascinating things. Do you know, for example, that the name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus,” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire?” Or that Bucharest is also called “Little Paris?” Let’s find out together what Romania is famous for.

There are roofs with eyes.

These eyes are not just decorative — they’re actually a ventilation system for the attics of the houses built in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The number of these “eyes” on the roof can be different — some houses have only 1 eye, while some others feature a few squinted eyes that appear to be staring at you.

Some train stations in Romania have book vending machines.

Or you can use a mini library on the train.

You can see original murals in the bookstore in Brașov.

“Romanian bread is super delicious. I can’t even describe its taste, but it’s magical, and you can eat it non-stop. And they add potatoes to the dough.”

As for Romanian food, in general, it’s hardly possible to eat a 3-course meal here.

Portions are huge here. It’s interesting that they add things like cabbage juice, pickled tomatoes, or lemon to local soups to make them taste a bit sour. And the soup itself can be served in a huge loaf of bread.

Welcome to a house of flora.

“It’s forbidden to take local currency out of the country. And we really wanted to because local banknotes are silky to the touch.”

It looks like Hogwarts. But in reality, it’s Technical University’s library in Iași.

This is the house where Vlad Dracul was born and lived in until the age of 7.

Once a year, some villagers wear traditional masks with big noses and huge colorful hats.

Boulevard Corneliu Coposu in Bucharest looks like a cyberpunk landscape.

“I miss Romania for the Merdenele — cheesy hand pies with shallot spinach and carrot.”

Cheese in Romania is aged in spruce bark to give it a pine needle flavor.

“If you’re a young female, here are some rules: overdressed is better than underdressed, and evening makeup suits everyone.”

“This salt mine in Turda, Romania looks like something out of a Star Wars movie.”

A giant face of the ancient Romanian king is carved into the rock.

This resort is located between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol.

“We decided to try local antipasto that usually consists of different kinds of cured fatback, cheese, and vegetables.”

There is a clay castle located in the valley of fairies. Both children and adults love this picturesque place.

In Romania, there are also stones that seem to grow, move, and reproduce. Unbelievable!

“This ’train’ travels from the foot of the Rychnov fortress. We decided to take a walk.”

“The old building was destroyed in 1989. Later, it was redesigned and became the Headquarters of the Union of Architects.”

In Romania, a bride becomes a married woman after her godmother takes off her veil and replaces it with a scarf.

A men’s toilet in a bar


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