See How the Woman Who Now Has the World’s Biggest Cheeks Looked Like Before She Changed Dramatically

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In today’s world, everyone can look however they want, as beauty standards and societal tolerance have changed significantly compared to 30 years ago. However, some don’t just want to “look,” they want to be the “ultimate.” For example, Anastasia decided she would become “the woman with the biggest cheeks in the world.”

Early life and aspirations.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk shares a light on what her life was like before the surgeries. She insists she had a wonderful childhood. And happily recalls playing with every Barbie doll imaginable, admitting that she was “spoiled”. She adds that she loved reading as a kid.

Her career before becoming famous.

Before her online career took off, Anastasia struggled to find work. This led her to work at a perfume shop. She had very little money and had to choose between finding a sugar daddy or getting a job. She chose the latter and started blogging about relationships. She didn’t want to rely on a sugar daddy, finding the idea uncomfortable. She reveals she often receives strange messages from older men offering her money, which she immediately blocks.

Anastasia spent six years at a university and has a master’s in psychology. She likes to inspire people to leave toxic relationships. Her degree has helped her in her job, as it helps her understand people. Many women still message her asking for relationship advice.

Her first procedure and the reason behind it.

Anastasia first started experimenting with her looks at the age of 26. She got lip fillers and Botox for her forehead. She admits that when she saw the results, she fell in love with them. She candidly adds that she began her cosmetic surgery journey for herself, not for anyone else. She wanted to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. She wasn’t born with large breasts, but now she has, 1050cc implants and thinks they’re perfect.

Anastasia also underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) to enhance her behind, among several other surgeries. Despite it being the most dangerous cosmetic surgery, she wasn’t scared. She believes that beauty is pain and that life is full of risks. The young woman has since undergone so many procedures that she has lost count. She has spent thousands on them, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

It doesn’t bother her what people think.

Anastasia receives hate comments online all the time, but it’s totally different in real life. She reveals that people want to hug her and take pictures with her when she goes out. Sometimes her friends find it uncomfortable when people flock to her. They find the staring awkward, but Anastasia never feels shy.

When Anastasia shared archive photos before the transformation, many commenters poured a barrage of negativity on her, claiming that she looked better before. One individual inquired, “What inspired you to make the change? I thought you looked beautiful in your natural state.” Another person chimed in, “Even at 27, you were stunning.”

On the contrary, some admire her bold appearance, with a comment praising, “Your uniqueness sets you apart!” “You’re exceptional, and I admire your courage,” remarked another user.

Her mother tells her that she looked beautiful before, but now she calls her “exotic”. She considers her mother her best friend, and she’s all the support she needs. “But she is also my mother, so if she says I look crazy it’s okay, strangers on the other hand should mind their own business. I believe people should all do what they want. People should let me do what I want to do, and they should do what they want to do,” Anastasia said.

While confident and happy in her skin now, Anastasia admits that she might consider reversing her surgeries in the future.

She believes that the large sum of money she has spent on altering her face over the years have only enhanced her love life. Although currently single, Anastasia boasts having a massive following of over 600,000 on Instagram. As for starting a family of her own, she adds that she is determined to never give birth. Instead, she plans on adopting a child in need.

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