20 Icy Pics That Make Us Want to Grab a Blanket

2 years ago

The winter season hits everyone differently. Some love it, some hate it. But there’s no denying that temperatures below zero result in fascinating sightings and phenomena, like frozen facial hair and ice sheet copies of pretty much everything. It’s a good thing cameras exist, though, so we can all witness these moments without actually having to be there.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some photos of what could very well be the home of Elsa from Frozen.

1. “This is my husband after working all day in −57 ºC (-70 ºF).”

2. “The outhouse was a bit cold this morning.”

3. “Hey, at least you don’t have to brush snow off your car.”

4. “Cars after freezing rain in Vladivostok, Russia”

5. “Boiling water turns to snow in −35 ºC (-31 ºF).”

6. “Beautiful but weirdly creepy icicles that grew on my house this winter”

7. “My gloves froze to the handrail.”

8. “The cold is creating art.”

9. “A frozen jaguar on a car’s hood”

10. “This is how cold it is in Minneapolis.”

11. “Pulled a layer of ice off a leaf.”

12. “How an overnight freeze squeezed water out of the ground and froze it at one of our job sites”

13. “The cold in DC froze my hair stiff in under a minute!”

14. “The way the ice formed on my side mirror”

15. “Frozen flower I found in Austin during the Texas winter storm”

16. “It’s so cold outside my doorknob frosted.”

17. “This ice melting off a stop sign this morning”

18. “Tried to clean off my car window by rolling it down, but the ice just stayed in place.”

19. “I hate freezing rain.”

20. “Front door of my house in Alaska. Under blizzard for 24 hours now”

How is the weather where you are now?

Preview photo credit SharonTate69 / Reddit


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