20+ People Who Prove That There’s No Such Thing As a Limit for Creativity When It Comes to Nail Art

2 years ago

We might rarely think about this, but our fingernails perform a lot of important functions, for example, they make our fine motor movements better. In addition to this, they are more sensitive than it seems: there’s a whole complex system of nerves under your fingernails.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found 20+ people who know about one more crucial function of fingernails — they’re a great outlet for creativity.

“Tie-dye birthday nails!”

“My nails look like they’re made of rose quartz.”

“Hazy mountains and a forest”

“A ruby manicure with hidden snowflakes”

“Cosmic lavender mani.”

“Chocolate truffle nails”

“’They look okay if I don’t study them too closely,’ I tell myself as I study them very closely and nitpick every detail.”

“I inadvertently painted my nails the same color as my blanket!”

“Even my husband is proud of my water marble.”

“I got some of that reflective polish from Bow Nail Polish and I am losing my mind over how cool it is.”

“I got my nails done yesterday, told her she could do anything she wanted. I’m obsessed!”

“When you can’t afford pretty faceted gems so you have to make them yourself.”

“I’m shocked that I did it! They’re wonderful!”

“My manicurist gave me the Game of Thrones manicure of my dreams. She hand-painted all of them!”

“My girlfriend tried gradient nails for the first time. I can’t help but want to share this beauty.”

“She-ra: Press-ons of Power!”

“I call this manicure ’My third husband disappeared under mysterious circumstances.’”

“I always loved playing Monopoly during long hurricane power outages in Florida, so I decided to paint a Monopoly-inspired manicure.”

“This manicure is inspired by a cat’s eye gem.”

“My boyfriend asked me to do a purple and silver manicure. Little did I know, the silver was to match my new engagement ring!”

“My manicure matches the weather. Matryoshka nails!”

“The 1950s meet the 1960s.”

Have you ever done an artistic nail design? Or do you prefer a more classic manicure? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit krissycole87 / Reddit


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