20+ People Who Took Control of Their Lives and Cleaned Up Their Rooms

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Every week, the knicks and knacks in our houses multiply until one day, we feel suffocated and we make the decision to organize and clean our houses. You might be familiar with that one chair that is full of clothes. People around the world have put a stop to their messy homes and shared the progress they made — and we can feel their relief.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes a clean and organized home can take some stress off our shoulders and here are some before and after’s that’ll motivate you to finally clean that chair full of clothes.

1. “I cleaned my room at 3 AM last night.”

2. “I’m still proud of myself for cleaning it though. Gotta celebrate the small victories.”

3. “I can’t believe I let my room get this bad. This took me 4 hours, and I don’t know how I did it, but I did.”

4. “Turns out living alone is more difficult than I thought, but I’m finally catching up with the mess.”

5. “Doing the dishes is a task for tomorrow at this point.”

6. “It made me smile coming home to a clean room today.”

7. “Still waiting to get a curtain rail hung though!”

8. This room had become unrecognizable.

9. “I took an extra day off from work to deep clean my entire house. It was so, so bad.”

10. “I let depression knock me down again. This took a lot of energy, but I can feel the fog starting to lift.”

11. “I finally cleaned my kitchen! This is after months of neglect and battling depression.”

12. “I cleaned the microwave in my academic office. It hadn’t been touched in 2 years.”

13. “My kids DESTROYED this room. The queen mattress was cleaned too! Chalk isn’t allowed in my house anymore.”

14. “I deep cleaned and redecorated my bathroom today!”

15. “It took me hours, and I cried when I was done.”

16. “I did it for me and my babies.”

17. “I cleaned my way out of my depression nest so I could start the new year on a better (and cleaner) note.”

18. “This is why grouping is so important. When you keep things disorganized and scattered, you forget what you own!”

19. “It will be messy again in 2 weeks, but I really tried.”

20. “My room actually feels like a peaceful sanctuary now instead of a chaotic mess.”

21. “I finally cleaned the playroom...”

  • I saw this and said, “Jesus Christ!” out loud, haha. Props to you for smashing this! © ****gg / Reddit

22. “Cleaned my desk.”

Do you like to clean your house? Have you ever taken “before and after” photos like these? If you have, please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit emilykoonts / Reddit


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