20 Rooms That Were Turned Into Super Cozy Nests with a Few Touches

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2 years ago

The way your home is decorated sends an immediate message to others about who you are. That’s why it’s important to add special touches to your décor according to your taste and personality. Sometimes, this change is quite simple, and a rug or a piece of art can make a huge difference. Other times, the changes need to be bigger, like painting the walls or getting new furniture.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to show you how a room can be transformed into a warm and modern space with some strategic changes.

1. “Before and after of my bedroom”

2. “The paint and new handles made a big difference in our kitchen!”

3. “Living room, before and after”

4. “A dirty garage loft to secret parent getaway”

5. “Before and after: living room renovation, 29 years old in Georgia”

6. “This is awesome, I’ve never seen an exposed ‘closet’ like that before.”

7. “Turned a blank wall into this.”

8. “Before/after I moved into my husband’s apartment”

9. “I bought a new rug and decorated my living room.”

10. “I’ve drastically improved my workspace.”

11. “My dining/plant room”

12. “Before and after of my living room — still in search of the perfect coffee table, but I’m happy with the transformation so far!”

13. “Before and after of my old office”

14. “A little before and after of our laundry room! Still have some finishing touches to add/take away, but we’re getting there!”

15. “Really happy with how this came together!”

16. “Weekend condo kitchen before and after”

17. “I like how the sink is in the corner to create more room.”

18. “Big kid room”

19. “Before and after, guest bathroom”

20. “The living room paint job in my new home (self-done, before/after)!”

Have you ever made changes in any of the rooms of your home? How did that impact the general aesthetic of your house?

Preview photo credit Varniepoos / reddit


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