15 People Who Thrifted Their Way Into a Stylish Home

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2 years ago

Whether it’s finding a vintage sofa on Facebook’s marketplace or getting a gorgeous Alphonse Mucha mirror from a thrift store, some people have an eye for treasure. For these folks, shopping second-hand elevated their home décor at an affordable price. And you can do exactly the same thing!

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you to check out some examples of how used items can transform your place.

1. “$30 for the dresser, $15 for the paint, and $25 for the legs and handles.”

2. “I’ve been working on my eclectic vintage setup for a couple of months! I’m so proud of how it’s turned out so far.”

3. “Our most recent fun acquisition — a 1970s airport bench.”

4. “I bought a vintage 1963 Drexel secretary with perfectly working tambour doors. Also cat approved.”

5. “I bought this vintage radio today. It looks perfect with my thrifted horse figure.”

6. “It’s in, it works, and it’s perfect.”

7. “My old lamp sitting on top of my old radio sitting on top of my old dresser.”

8. “The gallery wall in our bedroom is full of antique store finds I’ve collected over the past few years.”

9. “My boyfriend found this vintage sofa on Facebook marketplace for $100.”

10. “I scored this gem off my customer today. They said it was purchased in 1963.”

11. “I just picked up the most ’90s alarm clock ever. It has a radio and will play 4 different tunes if you insert a floppy disk.”

12. “Found this beautiful Alphonse Mucha mirror for less than 10 bucks.”

13. It’s hard to believe that this home décor item was practically found in a dumpster.

“Before and after: I pulled this beautiful piece of art out of an abandoned house.”

14. “It took me about 10 hours of heavy cleaning to get rid of 70 years of grease, but it’s looking beautiful again.”

15. “Thrifted everything here. Took us a few years but it was oh so worth it.”

Do you have vintage items in your home? Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ooblada / Reddit


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