20 People Whose Originality Is Beyond Words

2 years ago

Creativity is a combination of spontaneous and controlled thinking, and the level of the successful interplay of those two increases or decreases someone’s creative thinking. That’s how some people manage to find a good temporary solution to an unexpected problem, while others struggle. You know what they say, if it works it works.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves a good home-made and out-of-the-box hack, and these 20 people have definitely delivered just that.

1. “Home alone — no help to replace the bottom washer.”

2. Quick windshield fix.

3. When the nearest shop is a whopping 5 minute walk away:

4. I photoshopped my tire to get out of work.

5. How to repurpose an old car

6. I FaceTimed my oven so my pizza wouldn’t get burned.

7. When you want to listen to music, but are too lazy to hold your phone:

8. “Killing two birds with one stone” in practice.

9. “Fixed a broken door handle with some nice string and a piece of drumstick.”

10. When, by saying you were going to spend the day relaxing, you really meant it.

11. When you don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to go all the way to the toilet, but still want the same comfort:

12. When getting out of the car to wipe the rear window is an uphill task:

13. When bringing a chair to sit on just didn’t feel worth it:

14. “Got the power hooked up boss.”

15. The predecessor to robot vacuums.

16. “I may have crossed the line between ’life hack’ and ’lazy.’”

17. When your wittiness saves you time and nurtures your laziness:

18. When sitting up wasn’t part of your plans for the day:

19. When you and your computer are inseparable:

20. “Co-worker kept taking my hole punch. Well, not anymore.”

Have you ever thought of something so outside the box that some people might even call it lazy?

Preview photo credit benzcl55 / reddit


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