20+ People Whose Unforgettable Pictures Were “Ruined” Right at the Last Minute

year ago

If you’re having a great time on vacation enjoying a family reunion or out with friends, you probably want to remember those moments by capturing them in a beautiful click. But fate might have different plans. External factors could and will interfere with your plans. If you relate to this, don’t worry, there are more people suffering from the same fortune.

And if you don’t believe us, you just have to take a look at the pictures that Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled for you.

1. “The one that got away”

2. “I got photobombed by a passing seagull.”

3. “Another spilled tea”

4. “Unexpected bird”

5. They won’t stop, no matter what.

6. “My friends got married. Did NOT know they were taking a photo in the window and photobombed the pic.”

7. “My brother got slapped by a fish!”

8. “Rainbow + ’Froggy Froggy’ jumping”

9. “Chicken wasn’t having it”

10. “Took this a year or so ago. Mom had just finished asking me to take a picture with Andy since he’d been such a good boy lately. He then hit her in the face with his face.”

11. “A friend of mine having a fun day out in Cardiff.”

12. “My friend’s scarf hitting him in the face just when I snapped the picture.”

13. “Just trying to take a picture of a bird sitting there.”

14. “Our good boy was very excited to hear it was dinner time!”

15. I was on vacation in London, I was taking pictures of a goose and after taking this photo I noticed that a bird was in front of it.

16. “At that moment, life hit her hard...”

17. “Florida seagull flies by just as the picture is taken”

18. “Cheeky monkey”

19. “Capturing the moment right before the cake fell”

20. “My dad just after being on a skim board for 1 second after proclaiming ’I’d bet twenty dollars I can stay on the board for, like, a minute!’”

21. “The exact moment the truck snapped the telco line.”

22. “Fishing osprey photobombed my dolphin shot”

What moment was ruined by intrusive animals or people, and seeing the photo made you laugh?


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