Supposedly Prince William Is Cheating on Kate Middleton. And That’s Who Is Suspected

3 months ago

Against the backdrop of numerous rumors about Kate Middleton, there is increasing discussion of a possible affair involving Prince William. He has been suspected of being involved with another woman since 2019. None of the three people involved in this situation are providing comments, and Kate herself has not officially returned yet.

The mysterious disappearance.

Officially, Kate Middleton is on extended recovery after a complex surgery. However, her reluctance to appear in public has sparked numerous rumors, ranging from serious illness to relationship issues with Prince William. In an attempt to quell the rumors, Kate shared a photo with her children on her Instagram. However, things only worsened, and people became even more convinced that there are problems in Kate and William’s marriage.

The photo sparked concern among fans.

While the photo looks perfect at a glance, eagle-eyed people spotted that Kate was not wearing her wedding ring. «Where’s your ring, Kate???» commented a concerned fan.

Many also questioned the authenticity of the photo. «This photo is a fake! Look (at) the finger of the Prince Louise! Look (at) the hair of the Princess of the Wales near George...» a person pointed out alleging the photo has been edited. Some wondered if the photo is old as Kate is wearing tight jeans in the photo, which probably is not the best clothing choice after having abdominal surgery.

Rumors of Prince William’s affair.

Justin Ng / Avalon/Photoshot/East News, © princeandprincessofwales / Instagram

Later, Kate Middleton admitted that she edited the photo, wanting to look slightly better after the surgery. However, this statement did not stop the wave of rumors and versions. Thus, the version that Prince William has an affair is becoming more popular, and Kate took a break to go through the traumatic event.

Rumors of Prince William’s affair resurfaced after Stephen Colbert said, «The entire kingdom was rocked by the apparent disappearance of Kate Middleton... Kate’s absence could be linked to... William’s affair.» He continued, «Another alleged woman is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley... rumors of the affair have been circulating since 2019.»

The ex-model is wedded to David Cholmondeley, and they have a family of three children. Speculation about an affair in 2019 by a tabloid created quite a commotion among high society. Kate’s responses to William’s public appearances and her distancing from Rose hinted at underlying issues. Messages indicate that Kate confronted William, who dismissed the accusations with laughter, affirming his innocence.

Recently, allegedly the first photo of Kate after the surgery appeared. This image immediately became surrounded by speculations and conspiracy theories. Some believe that it’s not Kate at all.


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