20+ Pets That Make Their Owners’ Lives Extremely Eventful

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No matter how long cats and dogs have been sharing their life with us, they always find ways to surprise their owners with strange behavior. That’s because they do what brings them joy and don’t care about what others think. It just so happens that sometimes happiness for them is drinking water upside down or sitting on top of someone’s head.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found some animals online that have no shame in being a bit quirky.

1. “I no longer have a cat, just two croissants.”

2. “That’s how you get a cat: order a sandwich, open the bag, enjoy your new roommate.”

3. “Drinking water is hard.”

4. “Mookie doesn’t get how leashes work.”

5. “Didn’t see him at lunchtime, so looked around and found him sleeping in the front yard.”

6. Strange spooky-looking object spotted. Defensive mode activated.

7. “Clean, Clean.. Clean...”

8. “My husband thought installing these blinds would stop the cats from jumping on the windowsill.”

9. “Doggo doesn’t realize she’s a unit.”

10. “Dear IKEA, I think my dog enjoyed your pillow more than I ever could.”

11. If you’re comfortable, go for it.

12. “Got her a new feeding bowl. I guess this is how she prefers to eat from it.”

13. Omg, I’m falling, falling! Heeelp!

14. Wait, is that me?

15. “We couldn’t find Peggy, our indoor cat. We started to panic, then looked out the front door.”

16. They don’t know that in any pair there’s always another shoe.

17. “If I sleep with my new toy tire, nobody can steal it!”

18. “We were gone 30 minutes. The guilty party was on the couch looking satisfied.”

19. “The view from my husband’s dinner plate.”

20. “Is anyone else’s cat obsessed with their printer or do I just have an oddball?”

Do you see your pet in these beauties? Or are they up to something even loonier? Please share your photos and stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit _Gree / Reddit


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