20 Pics That Can Soften the Heart of the Cruelest Monsters

year ago

We might not be able to control every situation that life throws at us, but improving our mood when we’re feeling down is certainly in our power. And one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways for a little boost is to look at cheerful pics. Whether it’s wholesome photos of animals, people or events, we can’t deny that these sweet moments speak to our soul even if we don’t know the subjects of the photos.

Now I’ve Seen Everything never misses an opportunity to spread positive vibes. We have gathered a collection of tender pics that will add a generous dose of brightness to your day.

1. ’’My sweet girl is 15-years-old! After her haircut everyone thought she’s a puppy.’’

2. ’’My coworker brought her baby goat to work. She fell asleep in my arms.’’

3. “I proposed today! She said yes.”

4. “Cutest troublemaker.”

5. “This is Simba and Cooper. Hugging for the first time in over a year.”

6. “New Year Resolution was to lose weight, I started at 440 pounds and could barely walk.”

“I’ve pushed myself to walk to the stop sign every day, and I’m finally feeling good.”

7. “A driver’s car broke down on a busy street in NYC during rush hour. No honking or yelling, just people trying to help and being bros.”

8. “One year ago they gave me a 30% chance of survival. Today I’m still standing.”

9. “5 years clean and sober.”

10. “17 years ago, I took my girlfriend to the shedd aquarium after her prom.”

“Today we took our daughter to the aquarium, turns out the park is still there.”

11. “Tiny floof with tiny claws.”

12. “I put out a record last week. We took a portion of the proceeds from it and made 113 sandwiches to feed people in need.”

13. ’’My little cousin holding a smiling sloth.’’

14. “This goose at my hospital laid eggs and is nesting in a large planter.”

“One of our maintenance guys built this umbrella for her and set her up with nearby water.”

15. “I was 425 lbs 5 years ago. 175 lbs today! Lost it all by diet and exercise.”

16. “I furnished my adoptive kid’s room in 12 days without spending a cent. This was all donated by people from my community.”

17. ’’A one year old husky cuddling with my disabled nephew.’’

18. “Whenever he sees me, he comes over to chomp on one of my arms.”

19. “My adorable grandma standing under a rhododendron her mom planted over 45 years ago for her.”

20. “Belonging to a family that chose me warms my heart every day.”

Do you have any pictures with backstories that could make even the toughest of people smile or even shed a few tears?

Preview photo credit darthliki / reddit


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