17 Things That Can Make Anyone Fume From Their Ears

year ago

There are so many things that can go south every day, but it’s the kind of stuff that will annoy you for a bit but make you smile afterwards. It’s like when you grab your earphones and the cord is all messed up and you need a few minutes to detangle them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has collected 17 unlucky and highly annoying occurences that could happen to anyone of us.

1. “It was only $1 USD but like... c’mon.”

2. “This has probably happened a thousand times, but I hate this so much.”

3. “Well, it’s not technically false advertising.”

4. “If you do this, you’re a huuuuuuge annoyance.”

5. “I don’t get it how this happens. Everytime.”

6. “Ordered garlic sauce and this is what I received.”

7. “The way my coworker eats sushi.”

8. “When masking tape does this.”

9. “I made brownies, left them to cool, and found them like this.”

10. “Pencil sharpeners that don’t work.”

11. “This condiment pump station.”

12. “This car parked on the entire sidewalk.”

13. “The way my Red Bull didn’t open.”

14. “Six chocolates in an impressively large box that doesn’t even close properly after opening it once.”

15. When you ask them to cut the bagel in half.

16. “People who leave a train like this”

17. “Came out of a restaurant and found my car like this. 32 weeks pregnant... there wasn’t even a sliver of hope for me.”

What is the most infuriating thing that someone has done to you or accidentally stumbled upon?


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