20 Pictures That Prove How Coincidences Are a Part of Everyday Life

2 years ago

Coincidences are an everyday occurrence and it doesn’t mean that they are signs of something bigger. It’s just a matter of great timing, and thankfully, there are people around to notice them and take photos. Sometimes, they are so unbelievable that you rub your eyes to make sure that you’re seeing correctly.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that life is full of coincidences, and we’d like to prove that to you through these 20 photos.

1. “The way the sky reflected off the glass at sunset made the balconies look as though they were floating.”

2. “This guy’s haircut matches the lady’s coat.”

3. “The way this leaf blends into the parking line”

4. “My push broom broke and it gave me a mini broom.”

5. “This spider web that looks like a Spider-Man mask”

6. “Just a sleeping man-dog”

7. “Body heat making it look like little ghosts floating at the bus stop”

8. “My best friend got married and the only other bride we ran into was wearing the exact same dress!”

9. “This food truck’s propane tanks look like ketchup and mustard bottles.”

10. “The weird way the cats in my neighborhood sit”

11. “I woke up early and was surprised by the syrup bottle.”

12. “The reflection on the glass makes a perfect alien helmet.”

13. “Found the Pringles man in my bowl.”

14. “A bubble got stuck on one small strand of a spider web.”

15. “I couldn’t find my shirt this morning.”

16. “This guy holding his daughter”

17. “A perfectly placed web”

18. “The lighting through the Golden Cathedral Arch strangely resembles my dog.”

19. “This guy looks the same as the guy in the picture above him.”

20. “Person going in or dog coming out?”

Did any coincidences happen to you that you haven’t been able to forget for years?

Preview photo credit dazzleduck / reddit


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